Pensioners need protection because some are too old to defend themselves

Life is like a journey full of loads. If you are able to carry this load throughout your lifetime with discipline, endurance, sacrifice and truthfulness, one can succeed in life. If one's life goes the opposite way, then things might never be better for the one.

 Most people while living think of the death ahead of them and save money towards that to have a befitting burial after death. A pensioner living in England, who has carefully saved £1000, to pay for the funerals of her and her 85-year-old disabled husband accidentally lost the money, leaving her unable to sleep with high blood pressure. 

According to her she left her home at the Watford end of Wimborne, around 11.30 am, on Monday 12 January 2009, and walked to town with the money at the bottom of her shopping bag.

However; when she got to the Nationwide Building Society to pay the money into her account, she discovered that the money had gone missing. The sixty-nine-year-old woman who wants to remain anonymous said "I was absolutely gutted. My husband had been saving the money for some time so that we could pay our funerals in time," She said.

She has no clue to the disappearance of the money. "I have been hoping that someone would find it and hand it over to the police, but no one has. We have had to work hard for every penny we have so to lose it this way was heartbreaking," she said.

I wonder why she was expecting a miracle to get her money back in a country like England, where youths have no regard for the elders. They rob, beat up and steal from the old, without any second thought that one day they will be old as well and the same thing could happen to them. 

Whatever the case, old woman don't be distraught , give thanks to God you are still alive.