Friday, May 20, 2022



The Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, is not responsible for the Russian-Ukraine war, the real enemies are the US government

The Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, is not responsible for the Russian-Ukraine war, the real enemies are the US government

"Russia Attacks Ukraine." is the headline in every newspaper across the world, while people are calling the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, an evil man and a murderer. Which superpower country in the world has murdered more people and committed so many crimes against humanity than the United States of America? The US government's actions led to the war, Putin needs to defend his country and he did it right.


That’s how hypocrites and selfish people who often listen to one side of a story react and begin to spread false propaganda against others. Before people accuse Vladimir Putin of attacking Ukraine, they must first try to find out the reason behind the man’s actions.


If African leaders were like Putin, the continent would not have suffered much. Many African leaders are so stupid to the extent that they will accept money for every proposal by foreign countries in Africa, even if that will threaten the lives of their citizens.


As we know, many African countries have permitted the US government to build military bases in their countries because they believe America will prevent or fight terrorism on the shores of Africa. That’s a very big mistake. The Russian leader will never let that happen.


Russia, China, North Korea, etc., are three countries that pose a threat to the US government, just as Libya was a threat to the US government. Through the National Alliance Treaty Organization—NATO, Libya was attacked and Khadafy was killed. Today, Libya, once the wealthiest African country, is in ruins.


Since Russia has been America’s enemy for a very long time, NATO has been in an alliance with several European countries near Russia, and now they are determined to occupy Ukraine because they want to join NATO. This will be the biggest mistake any intelligent leader that considers America or NATO a threat can make.


Putin knows America wants to use NATO to attack Russia and that plan can easily be achieved since Ukraine and Russia share common borders. This is what Vladimir Putin wishes to avoid to protect Russian citizens.


If African leaders who have allowed US military bases in their countries realize the folly of their actions, it is too late. Time will tell.

The continent of Africa is not a threat to terrorists for African leaders to be tricked by the US government to build their military bases across Africa. They did that because of African resources.


The world is rapidly changing and pressure continues to pile up on Africa from both Europe and the United States of America because of the continent’s vast resources. Therefore, those military bases were set up to quell any uprising.


The US always poses a threat to terrorists. We witnessed what happened on September 11, and therefore, it doesn’t make sense for the US government to build its military bases in Africa to fight terrorists for Africans.


Who cares about Africa anyway? It’s because of our resources. Africans have been victims of slavery, colonial brutalities, Apartheid, and many man-made diseases. There are a lot of things African leaders can learn from the Russian-Ukraine war.


That is how the war began


NATO has already expanded throughout Europe and now wants to occupy Ukraine, this is something Putin will prevent to protect his country and the people

NATO has already expanded throughout Europe and now wants to occupy Ukraine, this is something Putin will prevent to protect his country and the people

If you look at the position of Russia on the map, you can see that the country is surrounded by NATO. It has expanded its positions around Russia, which means that in no time, Russia may fall into the hands of the US government.


Every wise leader must protect their citizens, and since Putin is not an African leader, he did the right thing, so people should stop judging him when our porous borders have invited every criminal, including armed robbers to enter Ghana and terrorize Ghanaians.


The West and the US government have never changed their behavior when Russia becomes the subject. This can be seen as the US President, Joe Biden, and the European leaders started with the threats of sanctions against Russia, but Putin is not the kind of leader that can be intimidated by sanctions.


Just think about the position Putin stands for. If you are a president, will you allow your enemy to occupy a country you share common borders to attack you? Don't be too judgmental. Putin has the right to defend his country and the people.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Coronavirus- why less vaccination, few deaths in Africa and more vaccination, more deaths in developed countries?


Image of coronavirus

The coronavirus

There are many people worldwide, especially, the developed countries, protesting against the mandatory coronavirus vaccination, based on different reasons. 

Many think the virus doesn’t even exist, while others think the vaccines are either responsible for the spread of the virus or killing the people.

In such arguments, I am not a scientist to confirm the truth or lies about the coronavirus vaccines, however, what I know is behind every pandemic, there are always lies and deceptions.

In the eighties when HIV-Aids hit the world, especially in Africa, the WHO and CDC told the world that monkeys brought from the Philippines to the United States were responsible.

It turn out later that the virus was a biological weapon to reduce the population, hitting Africa and African-Americans simultaneously.

Also when Ebola occurred, the same World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control, told the world that bats are responsible for the spread and even blamed African delicacies, such as bushmeat.

Scientists have proved today that Ebola, known as hemorrhagic fever, has nothing to do with bats or bushmeat but is also a biological weapon.

Now the coronavirus has decimated the world and governments want people to vaccinate against this virus but because of the previous medical lies associated with HIV-Aids and Ebola, many are not interested in vaccinations.

We mustn't also forget that under the nose of the World Health Organization, over 500,000 girls were made infertile due to a tetanus vaccine which turned out to be an infertility vaccine in Uganda. This is the reason the Pharma Company involved had its license suspended.

Africa is the only continent among the other continents that has few vaccinations, yet the COVID death rate is very low, while many deaths have been registered in developed countries. The disturbing factor is that people who have been fully vaccinated are also among the dead.

So, the people are now asking why Africa with less vaccination has experienced fewer death rates, why Europe and America that have fully vaccinated their citizens are dying in large numbers. This is a good answer but hard to explain since I am not a scientist.

It is because of this experience many are convinced that it is the vaccines that are causing the deaths but not the COVID 19. 

Whether this is true or not God only knows. I have taken the three vaccinations to make traveling easy for myself but I am being forced to use a mouth mask, does this makes sense?

What is going on in the world today is something we can’t do anything about it because we now live in a terrible world in the hands of ruthless leaders, some believe are not normal human beings.

Friday, January 07, 2022

COVID 19, the US government playing God but not being clever


The spread of the coronavirus

The spread of the coronavirus

When the ferocious impact of the COVID 19, hit the United States of America, it was interesting to hear  Donald Trump, calling the pandemic “Chinese virus,” why because the United States of America has become the real and largest source of the coronavirus in the world, killing innocent people, especially African-Americans.

If there is a complaint to be made about diseases or biological weapons, Africans or black people have sad stories to tell or bitter experiences to share. Again, if it’s very easy for African leaders to make their voices heard like Trump, then they can also call these viruses “American HIV-Aids, American nodding disease, and American Ebola.”


Why because if the President or the ex-President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, claims China is responsible for the COVID 19 and, therefore, calling the disease “Chinese virus,” then, African leaders have the right to mention “American HIV-Aids and American Ebola,” because the US government is responsible.


Abraham Lincoln said, “You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all of the time,” this quote also warns American leaders that “In God, They Can Trust, but they can’t fool God with the Holy Bible.”


There are so many so-called prophets in the United States of America, but unlike the prophets in the biblical period of Israel, they don’t warn the US government about its numerous clandestine crimes and biological projects against vulnerable people in poor and weak nations.


The prophets in the United States of America only see election results and said God spoke to them that Donald Trump will win the 2020 presidential elections but I guess it was the voice of Satan talking to them from the wilderness. 


Personally, I don’t think there is even the spirit of God's presence in America, and surely if God is there, He is for only a few people in that country. In my life, I have never seen such a wicked country like that of the United States of America. 


They kill innocent people around the globe with biological weapons and use their own people for experimentation, then afterward shout on top of their voice “In God We Trust,” no America, you don’t trust in God, you believe in Satan.


It doesn’t matter to many any longer if the COVID 19 originates from Wuhan, China, or the United States of America because behind every pandemic, there are tons of lies and deceptions. What matters at the moment is to get this deadly virus under control.


The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hua Chunying, once told Trump when he mentioned “Chinese virus,” that the coronavirus was spreading in other countries even before it appeared in China,” and added, "We advise American politicians to show respect for facts and science and stop engaging in political manipulation.”


This is the truth we write on our blog, “Secrets of HIV-Aids and Ebola Facts Journal,” one of the reasons worldwide, people who are hungry for the truth made that rare health blog a masterpiece among global health blogs. 


But the blog’s success became a threat to many corruptible politicians and institutions, including the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, and search engine companies, leading to the suppression of information and the reduction of the blog's visibility.


They think it is necessary to fight the truth to save the disgraceful times waiting for them, since both health institutions have provided false information on their websites about many diseases, including HIV-Aids, Ebola, and nodding disease.

How long will the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, and the US government, continue to deceive the world that monkeys, primates, bushmeat, and bats are responsible for the spread of HIV, Aids, or Ebola, while indeed, they are all biological weapons? 

That's the reason they are suffering today but what they don't know is the current crisis they are facing is just the tip of the iceberg. This is what they fear to hear but I am telling them the truth.

Nevertheless, let the unseen forces continue with their clandestine activities to suppress information or the social media lie against me of breaking their rules to delete my account, the truth will always be there to stare right in their faces.


Due to this fact, people still look for us to read what we write even though the number of our readers has been drastically reduced by Google, the so-called almighty search engine, I will continue to write even if only one person gets the chance to discover what I write.


One thing they often forget is that their negative activities also affect them, revealing their dishonesty and support for criminals, which will also drive intelligent people from them. Actually, this is what they want to avoid but it has already happened and they are feeling the impact.


The main question is who can fight the truth? Nobody, it’s just a waste of time like someone fetching water with a bucket full of holes. You can’t succeed, no matter how hard you fight. 


Therefore, let them enjoy their period at the moment because as the nation rises and the nation falls, whoever has played a role in committing crimes against humanity or helped in any way to cover up or suppress information, will never be the same till the end of their criminal lives.