Thursday, January 14, 2021


The FBI must begin to investigate Google because their actions on my blog reveal the search engine is a criminal company

The FBI must begin to investigate Google because their actions on my blog reveal the search engine is a criminal company

It is our responsibility to fight crime, whether; you are a writer, individual, or a journalist because crimes are affecting our society. Thousands of people live in fear and anxiety, while many are committing suicide, yet there are governments and search engine companies, that keep suppressing information to cover up crimes against humanity.

If the FBI stands for what it means by investigating clandestine crimes against humanity and administration frauds, then I will give ample evidence to support this article that Google is not only a corrupt search engine but a company of professional criminals aiding and abetting crimes in the United States of America and Western Europe.

I strongly believe that Bill Gates sponsors Google and since the deceptive philanthropist is under the umbrella of the World Health Organization, Google protects Bill Gates, the US government, and the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, to continue doing more harm to the general public than good.


Even though I don't depend on the Google search engine for traffic, since I write the truth, I have been able to build trustworthy readers around the globe, yet Google is not happy about that. The stinking jealous Google has blocked all my readers from social media to get access to what I write, so my question is what does Google wants from me? 

These are 10 reasons the FBI, if not corrupt too, must begin immediately to uncover the criminal activities of this search engine. 

1. Why did Google diverted 103 Urls of my articles to 404 errors? What's the search company wants to hide from the general public.

Reference: Available Are 103 Article Links Google Has Directed To 404 Error To Suppress Information

2. Why did the Russian search engine, Yandex Webmaster Reports Google Over The Manipulations Of My Blog?


3. Why has Google denied all my readers from various social media access to my blog after denying me visibility in their search engine?

4. Why has Google declared war on the articles pertaining to a criminal like Bill Gates who has committed so many medical crimes in third world countries?

5. Why did Google allow the Belgium government to remove and tampered with all the articles about their physical and medical crimes in the Congo?

6. Why did Google manipulate the URL of this article about the List Of Social Media That Lied To Me About Rules Violation To Suppress Information


7. Why has Google ranked high all the health websites that have false information that monkeys and bats are responsible for Aids and Ebola in Africa?

8, Why did Google break the links of articles to all Bill Gates medical crimes about vaccines, including this article: Dr. Raoult Calls On Africans Not To Take Bill Gates’ COVID 19 Vaccine?

9. Why did Google plant a security camera in my blog?

Reference: I Have Discovered a Security Monitoring Code Implanted In My Blogger Blog HTML


 10. Why has Google set out rules for its users and punishes any user that violates the search engine's rules, yet Google has violated its own rules to manipulate my blog?

I want answers to these questions and I believe the public will also be interested in the investigation of the FBI over these crimes by a search engine that thinks they are supreme than the almighty God but nothing than corrupt and an empire of deceitful enemies.

Monday, January 11, 2021

If You Think Bill Gates Is Africa’s Messiah, Then Listen To This Video Conversation


Dr. Michael Ryan and Bill Gates, two deceptive people under the umbrella of the World Health Organization

Dr. Michael Ryan and Bill Gates, two deceptive people under the umbrella of the World Health Organization

The laziness, corruptible nature, and the lack of knowledge to harness Africa’s resources by African leaders, have contributed to slow development on the continent of Africa, affecting every infrastructure, including the health and educational sectors.

Many organizations, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, take this as an opportunity and under false pretense, convince African leaders to improve the health sector and educate the people but Bill Gates' real plans are unsuspected white-collar clandestine crimes.


I have written hundreds of articles about America’s policy, which never changes, whether the president is a Democrat or Republican. In God America Trust, that’s what they say but American leaders never reject sin. They can kill thousands without any remorse if they find it necessary to do that to get what they are looking for.


Thus, America can kill for oil, gold, diamond, bauxite, cobalt, or any precious metal that will benefit the economy. This is one of the reasons Congo suffered a continuous Ebola explosion without an end, due to the precious cobalt, until Kim Jong-Un of North Korea and Vladimir Putin of Russia, accused the US government and Bill Gates of testing Ebola in Congo.


While all these medical crimes and the deliberate spread of diseases were going on, advanced countries' governments, including the US, Belgium, France, Germany, Britain, etc, aided and abetted these medical genocides and with the support of the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC), together they claim bats are responsible.

Being the only African writer or journalist living in Europe, educated by the books and scientific documents of the Dutch scientist & micro-surgeon, Prof. Johan van Dongen and the German medical doctor, Wolff Geisler, I have ample knowledge to write health articles and medical crimes in Africa without looking back.

However, my efforts are seen as a threat because they feel threatened and scared. In Europe, I realized the psychological torture an African writer can go through because of the truth even though it's our responsibility to fight against crime.

I have been writing about Bill Gates' deceptive plans in third world countries, including that of Africa and have indicated that Gates either uses Africans as guinea pigs to test new drugs manufactured by pharmaceutical companies in America, or contaminate vaccines and drugs to reduce childbirth or make young women barren.

Yet, I have never got a video on these allegations to support my articles, until today. The video below is a discussion of the US foreign policy in Africa about population reduction. 

I find it very disturbing that African leaders depend on the votes of the suffering masses, yet, they are not intelligent enough to help the poor Africans, allowing deceptive people like Bill and Melinda Gates to come to Africa to carry out their diabolical plans.

I want to make it clear to African leaders that there is no one or government that can eliminate poverty, diseases, and educate Africans, we need to do it by ourselves. Decades after independence, it's a shame that African leaders still can't find their way with such abundant resources.

This video is enough to stop the suppressing information on my blog, it is also enough to stop calling genuine articles about Bill Gates crimes in Africa false, and finally, it is also enough to stop calling this genuine article "Dr. Raoult Calls On Africans Not To Take Bill Gates’ COVID 19 Vaccine, false.

Sunday, January 10, 2021


Bad decisions will give you the experience to make good decisions

Bad decisions will give you the experience to make good decisions, photo credit:

According to the scriptures, God created man in His own image, which means each one of us has a Godly-like spirit in us to determine what is good and what is bad. Based on these Scriptures we are able to understand the principles of love and care to treat others the way we wouldn't like to be treated.

However, we have a different world today because of greed, power, and the thirst for supremacy to dominate others. This has made the world the most dangerous place to live in. There is no peace anywhere and each day, everyone lives in fear and anxiety.


There was a time, adults are known to be among the highest suicide rates but today, the number of children committing suicide is increasing daily. Why children are no longer interested to live in this world? There are many reasons.

Related topic: Why Many Are Not Happy To Live In This World Any More


Many children have depressive symptoms during this coronavirus pandemic

Many children have depressive symptoms during this coronavirus pandemic


The road of life has made it simple for us, you either have to "Enter through the narrow gate, for wide, is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction or choose the small gate and narrow road that leads to life, but only a few can find it." 


Therefore, when you are on the road of life and you meet the joined ways, which one do you take the left or the right? If bad decisions give one the experience to make good decisions, why do we still have grown-up monsters among humanity as politicians today?


When we were children, our parents were our guide in life because we were not able to decide what is good for or bad for ourselves. We were, therefore, educated both at school and home to be good people in society, yet the world is full of evil, horrifying pure evil.


We are seeing more violence against women, crimes against humanity, and the killing of innocent people, daily,, throughout the whole world. Why some politicians so cruel? To whom do they belong, Jezebel, Satan, Beelzebub, or other entity?


Crime can never be eliminated from society but can be reduced and this can be done by understanding the needs of your brothers and sisters, to give them the necessary help they need. 


Everyone will die, no one lives forever, so if it's wrong to take someone's life and those that commit crimes serve time in prisons, why politicians and scientists that create biological weapons to kill innocent people are never prosecuted?


The failure of governments to put elites behind bars for the crimes they commit against humanity; are some of the reaping rewards today. 

Until the world, rise against their leaders, demand questions, and put them behind bars, for their clandestine crimes against humanity, between 20 to 30 years, the world will never know what is peace and free from man-made diseases. 

Some of our leaders are seen as politicians but they are not humans, they are pure evil like King Leopold II, of Belgium, Hilter of Germany, and Idi Amin of Uganda, Africa.