Sunday, November 28, 2021

After the 2014 Ebola in West Africa, I warned that nobody knows what will come next

The coronavirus took the world by surprise without adequate preparations

The coronavirus took the world by surprise without adequate preparations 

In the year 2014, when the Ebola strikes three West African countries of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, the health information released by the World Health Organization, the US government, the Centers for Disease Control, and the American mainstream media, made me realize that the health institutions are corrupt and the world is in danger.

You must always consider humanity to be in danger or will be in danger if health institutions and governments begin to give the general public false health information about the source of any pandemic. 

Therefore, as soon as the media, including the BBC and CNN, despite claiming they have qualified health journalists, start releasing that primates, bushmeat, bats, are the sources responsible for Ebola in Africa, I knew the world is doomed. 

Committing a serious crime against humanity with a laboratory engineered virus which was first used in Congo in 1976, claiming the lives of thousands of people living close to River Ebola (that's how the virus had its name) and history repeats itself 2014 in West Africa, should have been a warning to the whole world.

But it didn't serve as a warning, yes, Ebola in Congo and West Africa wasn't a warning to the developed countries, why because it is happening in Africa. Who cares what happens to Africans or in Africa? The whole world media and governments joined the CDC, and the WHO, to spread false information about Ebola when the virus was a biological weapon by the US government.

I am neither a scientist nor a virologist, therefore, if a common African writer, can read that hemorrhagic fever appeared in Nigeria as Lassa fever and also appeared in Crimean, Russia in 1944, occurred simultaneously in Marburg and Frankfurt in Germany, and in Belgrade, Serbia, in 1967. 

Then appeared in Congo in 1976, then reappeared in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia in 2014, why CNN and BBC claimed qualified health journalists don’t know about this? This should warn you that we live in a very dangerous world that people support lies and deceptions to put the lives of the innocent in danger, anxiety, and psychological torture.

The impact of the coronavirus worldwide

The World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control are the world's most corrupt health institutions that are responsible for the medical genocide of the impact of COVID-19 today. They have never been sincere health institutions in the first place, therefore, they preach false health doctrines.

If the two health institutions are not corrupt and always tell the general public the truth, the public will be adequately prepared to know what to do whenever there is a pandemic. Till now, the websites of CDC, Wikipedia, and the WHO are filled with false information about HIV, Aids, Ebola, Nodding disease, Burkitt's lymphoma, Kaposi's sarcoma, and many other diseases that are nothing than biological weapons.

The two health institutions failed to educate the public on serious health issues about biological weapons and those ready to tell the public the truth paid dearly for it. I am one of them. I have been expelled from almost all the major social platforms with false accusations of breaking their rules.

It hurts but I can't do anything about it other than to share my sadness and bitterness with those that have lost their loved ones to the coronavirus. Did those that expelled me from their social media platforms lose any loved one to the coronavirus too?  

We should never forget in life, whatever one sows, the same he shall reap because this evil can't go on without any consequences today or tomorrow.

Saturday, November 20, 2021

The faith in vaccines is diminishing as the virus spreads claiming more vaccinated people


More people have died after taking the coronavirus vaccines

The mortality rate associated with COVID-19 in the world after the deployment of the vaccine is greater than ever before.

Vaccinated doctors are dying, while doctors who have refused to vaccinate are either forced to resign or are sacked. How many doctors will be left at the hospitals?


Like the mandatory mouth masks and the compulsory lockdown that didn't prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the vaccines for COVID-19 did not prevent deaths either.


The rate of death due to the COVID-19 after the deployment of the vaccine was higher in 70 % of the 178 countries. Data reveals deaths increased after vaccines were administered.


The deployments of the vaccine, COVID-19 have not slowed down the rate of disease-COVID-19 serious and/or deaths COVID-19 caused by variants virus SARS-CoV-2.


In the United States, the vaccine mRNA and DNA vector-based COVID-19 mortality rate post-vaccine October 10, 2021, the rate of death related to COVID-19 around the world rose after the deployment of the vaccine COVID.


The country above the black line had the mortality rate of COVID-19 higher after the deployment of the vaccine COVID than before.


The highest of all vaccines of the history in the system of notification of the adverse events of vaccines (VAERS) of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States.


The United States has experienced an increase in all-cause mortality by 41% of all-cause mortality in 2021 since the beginning of the deployment of the vaccine COVID.


Vaccines based on mRNA and vector DNA COVID-19 create antibodies surrounding the internal organs so that the body creates billions or even trillions of protein peaks specific to the original variant of the SARS-CoV-2.


As the data of Israeli and the British reveal, the current vaccine-based protein peak COVID-19 do not provide protection against infection, disease, symptomatic, or hospitalization.


Immunity nasal and oral insufficient against variant Delta is created by the injection current vaccine COVID-19, so that the vaccinated spread the virus Delta and carry payloads 251 times higher than the variants Alpha earlier in the nasal cavity and the oral cavity.


In two of the countries most vaccinated in the world, the United Kingdom and Israel, there was strong all-cause mortality in men aged 65 to 74 years associated with the deployment of the vaccine COVID-19 and the deployment of booster injections.

Sunday, October 03, 2021



The coronavirus is a medical crime against humanity

The coronavirus is a medical crime against humanity 

Respect is given to those that deserve it, sometimes; we feel that if someone is a president, a minister, or a politician, he or she deserves respect or special treatment. 

Unfortunately, that's not the case because most of these politicians are worst criminals than hardened criminals behind bars. They are white-collar criminals.

Our society is engulfed by crime because the politicians, judges, and many law enforcement officers are also criminals. They are immune to crimes to the extent that they feel comfortable with them.


They are not ready to change because crimes to them are just normal things needed to run a government. They put everyone who goes against the law, including terrorists behind bars, while they commit clandestine crimes with impunity.


The sad part of the story is they don’t realize that their past crimes are catching up with them, taking their toll on them. They think the truth you are writing is what is causing their nightmare. Walls have ears, therefore, every hidden crime shall be exposed.


No matter how they suppressed information, no matter how hard they fight to destroy the truth and our health blogs exposing their medical crimes against humanity or declare war on genuine health writers, we shall always find a way to get the message across to the people.


I am a man I don’t sleep enough because there is more sleep after death. I sit down to devote all my time to finding ways and means to spread my articles across the globe since many social media are there only to protect criminals and prevent the truth for their own selfish gains. This is one of the reasons I have become a successful blogger.


I prefer to live poor in the truth than to live rich in corruption. What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world then lose his soul at the last moments? We came into this world with nothing and each one of us will return to the dust with nothing.


Therefore, in whatever that you do always do it in the right way. Do to others as you would have them do to you, for this is the essence of the Law and the prophets.


I strongly believe these are the golden words to build your happiness and good health but nothing more. All those behind the coronavirus must be held accountable because it's the biggest medical crime against humanity after Aids, HIV, and Ebola.

We are currently in a world each one for himself God for us all, if you love good health, don't put your trust in any vaccine or health institutions.