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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Efforts Against The Suppression Of Information On Man-Made Viruses


Not only developed countries world leaders have lied about diseases and viruses but also the media, including CNN and BBC

Not only developed countries world leaders have lied about diseases and viruses but also the media, including CNN and BBC



There are diseases that often attack the body in the human life cycle, however, there are others too, which are artificially created with the sole aim to reduce the world’s population, create vaccines to generate huge profits, and as an opportunity to control rich resources in Africa.


There is no world leader, especially in the developed world, who doesn’t know about these medical crimes inflicted on poor people, especially in third world countries but nobody cares because they are parasites that feed on resources of the third world to sustain their economies.


The emergence of the coronavirus from China has thought the world a big lesson for them to understand how Africa has suffered from deliberate biological weapons with impunity, while they continue to lie to the general public that monkeys, bats, and virus from the animal market in Wuhan, are responsible for HIV-Aids, Ebola, and the coronavirus.


“We cannot seal ourselves. The best way to protect Americans from the disease is to eliminate its source in West Africa.” That’s the statement Obama made after his administration triggered Ebola hemorrhagic fever on innocent people in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia in the year 2014.


Aftermath, the media, including BBC and CNN writes - The disease caused by the Ebola virus was first recorded in 1976, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), which could threaten and further spread the disease and bats are responsible. 


However, at the moment, there is no need for the truth, just like the Aids, everyone knows that Ebola is a biological weapon created by the US military scientists and tested on Africans for military defending purpose, to take possession of the continent's rich resources and the pharmaceutical companies to make money out of the misery of the victims.


Nobody wants to speak the truth about Aids and Ebola. The US government, the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, Tedros Gebreyesus, the Director-General of WHO, the media, including CNN and the BBC, have all lied. That is frightening indeed when all these organizations and people the world depends on and trusted could become professional liars in such a manner.


Another issue which of late has become a talk of the town is – According to the World Health Organization, and the Centers for Disease Control, Ebola has no cure, this is the reason the victims of Ebola in the recent outbreak in Congo are receiving trial vaccines to determine the right vaccine.


Yet, in 2014, two American doctors infected with Ebola in West Africa were savedThe two patients who got the deadly virus in Liberia were cured with experimental drugs and were declared fit to stay in society.


According to the American media, the two, patients, Wrightbol and Kevin Brantley were taken on a specially equipped aircraft to the United States and underwent intensive treatment in the infectious diseases ward of the University of Emory Atlanta. During treatment, Wrightbol, and Brantley took an experimental drug, ZMapp, developed by a California-based pharmaceutical company.


Thank you, experimental drug – ZMapp, but then why the victims of the recent Ebola in Congo weren’t treated with Zmapp, instead they are being used as guinea pigs in testing many vaccines to find the right one which will subdue the disease in Congo? Dear wise thinkers do this make sense to you?


In fact, the US government, the World Health Organization, Centers for Diseases Control and the Director-General of WHO, Tedros Gebreyesus, the media, including CNN and BBC have lied for too long that there is no more an empty space to accommodate the lies.


According to Gebreyesus, now the health authorities "have more funds than before to fight Ebola.” This statement is to give hope to victims to stop the panic over the possible spread of the disease to Europe and America.


Africans have no value, among the human race. Eugenics, the science of improving population doesn’t consider them as human beings, therefore, we need to understand that if health workers are fighting against Ebola in Congo or West Africa doesn’t mean that they are there to save the lives of Africans but to prevent the disease from spreading to Europe and America like how it happened with the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (Aids).


The statement of Obama, “We cannot seal ourselves. The best way to protect Americans from the disease is to eliminate its source in West Africa,” confirms it. It's hard to know the mind of people but what we know is Africans are not disappointed to be Africans but disappointed over the type of leaders we have on the continent.


The only thing they know best is the corruption inspired politics and the fight for power, without any plan or experience to save the common African. The US government has closed its gates, preventing immigrants to come into America because they consider them a threat to national security. According to Trump, they are criminals


African leaders have no right to investigate the origin of HIV-Aids and Ebola because the outcome will be disastrous for them. Either they will become a target to economic sanctions or the continuous manipulations to the continent's economy.


Before the white man discovered the medicine for malaria, there wasn't any development in Africa, yet Africans survived the jungle, while the white men died in agony (The white man’s grave).


Then all of a sudden developing Africa was hit by Ebola in Congo-1976, from there re-emerged in 2014, to strike Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia and the World Health Organization, and the media told the world bats are responsible. 


Your punishment for the lies and deceptions has come from China today through the coronavirus. We know we can't save this wicked world, under greedy and demonic leaders, yet we will not give up to publish the truth.


The developed world has done so much harm to Africa but today, they are reaping the reward through COVID 19. Let them fight their own demons of the coronavirus and suppress information to deceive the public, Africa doesn’t care any longer.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

The Mockery Of The Holy Bible By Politicians And Judges


Politicians, judges and civil servants abuse their power after swearing oaths with the Bible

Politicians, judges and civil servants abuse their power after swearing oaths with the Bible

Worldwide, civil servants, high court judges, government officials, and politicians taking appointments or political government positions require taking the oath before serving the public to respect, protect human, civil rights and freedoms.

To fulfill their official duties entrusted to them with dignity, they either hold the Bible in their right hands or lay their hands on the holy book, swear to ensure security, legality, law, order, and integrity of the state, and to serve the people.

After the appointments, it seems they forgot that they have previously sworn with the Bible to serve the people. 

Like a learner-driver who impresses the examiner to pass his driving test and after taking his driving license, starts driving recklessly, politicians no longer live up to their promises, after swearing the oath of appointments. 

The Bible and the Koran are taken for granted, therefore, what is written in them is completely ignored because of the love of money, power, corruption, and greed. This is how politicians make fun and mock the Bible.

“Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows,” Galatians 6:7 and surely, whether you believe it or not, both the Koran or the Bible can't be mocked. You will pay dearly for it and the results are what we are seeing today.

Don't use the Bible or the Koran to swear, if you know that you are going to do what you promised or contrary to what is written in the holy books. When such things are done, politicians pile up curses, hardships, and suffering on their own heads.

However, the truth is they don't suffer for the evil things they do because they have amassed wealth enough to live in comfort. It's only the common people that suffer. Yes, it's only the common people that reap the evil seeds planted by the evil politicians.

Judges take bribes and often judge cases in the interest of elites that never go to jail, while they put a hungry man that stole bread behind bars for ten years. Yet, he thinks he has done a good job to be praised. Please, stop mocking God because you will surely pay for it.

Those who told Africans yesterday to abandon paganism and adhere to the principles of the holy scriptures are the same people telling African leaders today, to legalize homosexuality and lesbianism. Why the world will not be in such a chaotic state? 

I don't care about those that choose to be gays or lesbians, it's their own choice but I care about how they used the Bible to deceive Africans, while whatever politicians do never reflect on what is written in the holy books.

What is actually the concept of swearing oath with the Bible? The idea of ​​introducing the oath of public servants, politicians, judges, etc, is that the oath will contain a promise to serve the interests of citizens, abide by the Constitution, legislation, avoid personal interest and prevent corruption. 

But what we see today? Massive corruption in all institutions and the continuous violations of this oath with impunity or without any disciplinary consequences, leading to political unrest and suffering.

In this regard, we mustn't expect this world to be a better place. All of us will die leaving our children behind and they who continue to suffer because politicians didn't build any better future for them. 

Thursday, September 17, 2020

The Rockefeller, Famous American Family That Built Its Fortune By Crime


The entire history of the Rockefeller Family is surrounded by crimes

The entire history of the Rockefeller Family is surrounded by crimes

Many American organizations and individuals, such as Bill Gates, for decades, have built a good reputation, by continuing deceiving the public, yet the media has failed to bring the underworld activities of these organizations and individuals to the public’s attention. 

Since the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa in 2014, we have spoken about the roles World Health Organization, the Center For Diseases Control and the Pasteur Institute France, played by affecting Africans with Aids and Ebola, through contaminated vaccines. It’s now time to expose another organization known as ‘The Rockefeller Foundation.'

When the half-Jewish doctor, Franz J Kallmann, joined immediately ‘The Eugenics Society’ after the Second World War, he committed a serious crime by helping the German Nazi scientist Otmar von Verschuer to escape.


He didn’t only encourage Verschuer, during the degasification and execution of the Jews by the Nazis, but afterward, he also established the American Society of Human Genetics. 

One of the first items under their reign is nothing less than the Human Genome Project HUGO, designed to map the entire human genetic identity and to determine the susceptibility to certain diseases including Aids and Ebola. 

What's even more shocking is, the Rockefeller Foundation enhanced the project by financing and supporting the institute with more than three billion dollars.


Officially Otmar Verschuer, until 1956, was an undercover member of the American Eugenics Society, and also worked at the Department of Anthropology of the German Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, which was completely funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. 

In view of his activities, he developed himself as the absolute timing bomb for the manufacture of biological and biochemical warfare products, especially against blacks. 


The reason Africa suffered the first test of these biochemical warfare products. North Korea has confirmed it by accusing America. It is mainly German scientists who then effortlessly embrace Nazism Hitler to perfect their microbiological monsters as Aids and Ebola. 

Reading medical historical facts, archive evidence, literature, and this article about their experiments, it gives us the shivers and lack of understanding about the 'why' the Rockefeller’s Foundation is not on the list of terrorist organizations.

John D. Rockefeller, Nazis and HUGO, and deEugenetica.

The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research was established in 1902 in New York and fully sponsored by its namesake John D. Rockefeller. 

If it turns out in the year 1938, the investment of John and his family in the American Health Sciences, was higher than the total sum that the US federal government in healthcare spends, nobody frowned and there was not even appeal, when it appeared that World War II turned the entire American medical science at Nazi German, scientific models.


This naivety changed dramatically when the authorities of Nazi universities and biological laboratories began to remove Jews. Many of these, mostly brilliant Jewish researchers immigrated to America, where they were welcomed with open arms, for biological warfare industry purposes. 


It is utterly incomprehensible that with the arrival of these Jews had not the faintest suspicion about what Hitler and his cronies had in mind with their Jewish and colored fellow world citizens.

In the migration of Jews to America, the role of John D. Rockefeller was slowly taken over by his son, Nelson Aldrich, who especially in politics was manifest with the appointment of the paranoid Richard Nixon, a future American president who had functioned as in the hands of big capital. 

Eventually, Nixon, because of massive corruption, scandals and its interrelationship with the web of the Rockefellers and the Rothschild's was deposited by an "impeachment" procedure.


It is especially John D. Rockefeller, who has got very close ties with Hitler's Nazi regime and respectively shakes hands of his executioners, Joseph Mengele, Walter Emil Schreiber, Klaus Barbie, Hans Nachtsheim and Otmar von Verschuer. We shall explain to you how that went.


The contribution that the Rockefeller Foundation (RF), delivered to the German "Eugenics Program", research into factors that could cause the hereditary characteristics of the human race, could be improved by the billions of dollars. 

This showed not only how strong the RF had been involved in the eradication programs of Hitler, but also in the depopulation programs of the United Nations after the war.


However, much of that interweaving of Rockefeller with the Hitler’s regime can be described as follows. John spent the astronomical sum of 300 million dollars in building an Oil Company, now a day’s EXXON, near the concentration camp Auschwitz, by the German Warburg family. 


An interesting detail is that Warburg Rockefeller’s partner was taken into the banking industry and the factory employees were picked from the Auschwitz concentration camp to produce oil and gas for the German war machine.


Transactions and money earned in that company were completely donated to the Nazi German Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Psychiatry and the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology. Both institutes devoted themselves at that time entirely on research into eugenics with the aim of studying human genetics and susceptibility to specific diseases such as horse Aids and hemorrhagic fever (Ebola). 


The embryo for Aids and Ebola was born into a monstrosity that now causes death and destruction among world citizens and mostly Africans and homosexuals. But even this was not enough because John D. Rockefeller appointed the Swiss fascist and scientist Ernst Rudin as the head of both institutes. 


In addition, John also paid the two assistants and proteges of Rudin, with the melodious names Otmar von Verschuer and Frans J. Kallman. Just three months after their appointment, Hitler came to power and whether he was paid by Rockefeller, remains a mystery. 

What we do know is that the Rockefellers' device was placed under Hitler's control in the field of eugenics, a company that also dealt with the Acquired Immunodeficiency Virus Equine EIAV, known popularly as .., horse-AIDS.


Immediately after the appointment of Hitler, he signed an agreement whereby he appointed Rudin as Head of the newly created “Racial Hygiene Society.” And so Rudin and his protégés were directly involved in the “Task Force of Hereditary Experts” under the command of none other than SS chief Heinrich Himmler, with that of, John D. Rockefeller’s circle around. 

The eradication of Jews, Gypsies, mentally disabled, and especially black-skinned African natives start in order to cope with the world's overpopulation. 


Especially Africa has to be depopulated in order to get the enormous source of national resources. One of the first achievements in this context worth mentioning, It appeared in the new Sterilization Law” of 1933. 


The same year this law was published in the United States in September as a “Model Law" in the magazine “Eugenical News” with the signature of Hitler. Sometime later Rudin and his assistant Josef Mengele started the project “Racial purity law against cohabitation of Aryans and non-Aryans”, with catastrophic consequences for Jews, Gypsies, and Blacks Africans). 


To the writers, the Rockefeller family is a criminal organization that needs to be exposed, because the media is not willing to do that, just because the medical crimes were against Africa. To know more about their involvement in the real origin of Aids and Ebola is described in our book: “Aids and Ebola the greatest crime in medical history against mankind”, published on amazon.com.


On January 19, 2015, Pope Francis denounced the “ideological colonization” by the West. According to him, Westerners mustn’t impose their views on birth control to developing countries. 

After the war, it revealed that the Oil Company/I.G. Farben industry associated itself with hundreds of cartel agreements, which had generated money for the continuation of the biological warfare industry in America under the leadership of German war criminals and their American vassals.