Robert Mugabe's fist and moustache identical to Hitler's

Although Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is a Blackman, he and the late Adolf Hitler of Germany, have something in common. The small vertical patch of moustache right under the nose and the thirst for power. 

Power of greed and selfishness that almost destroyed the world and mankind. But with Mugabe, the impact is affecting the Zimbabweans and neighbouring South Africa, Zambia and Mozambique.

Previously known as Rhodesia, after gaining independence in 1980, the country became Zimbabwe under the new leader Robert Mugabe. Then a country once with vast mineral resources and a successful economy gradually started declining to be one of the poorest economies and chaotic political country in the world.

From the history of Zimbabwe's politics, Robert Mugabe has been a man who has ruled and ruling with an iron fist as a dictator. He regards any opposition as a threat and enemy. His adamant heart wouldn't allow him to take any advice on how to save the country . He couldn't stand Joshua Nkomo, until finally sending him to his early grave.

No one actually knows the plan of Mugabe for hanging on power since 1980. His rule has caused so much unrest to the Zimbabweans, using food as a political weapon against those that do not support his party. 

The country is afflicted by 70 percent unemployment and hard-biting inflation. Every advice from world leaders has fallen on deaf ears. Mugabe's wicked and greedy actions are destroying the country and causing violent clashes between clans.

Who can save Zimbabwe when such a man is in power? Already the health-care system has collapsed with the economy. The United Nations effectively became responsible for providing the necessary aid to save the emerging health crisis. It is like most of the African leaders are not capable of talking to Mugabe, instead supporting his criminal regime.

What I have observed so far as an African is, it is nice for any African country to have a leader or head of state to represent his or her country but the duties of a head of state, that they don't know. Corruption inspires many of them to be in politics but not to help the poor people. 

Most African leaders are lazy, always expecting miracles from heaven or from the West or America. Instead of wasting taxpayers money and state funds attending poverty alleviation conferences, they must stay at home to use the money to alleviate their own poverty.

Libya is an African country, but Gadafi's successful rule of the country has yielded the best result for the people. They are rich and the economy is even better than so many European countries. The Libyans have confidence in him. 

The same way that should be in Zimbabwe and other African countries. One day, Mugabe should sit down alone and ask himself these questions, where are Idi Amin, Bokassa, Mobutu etc? Then to listen to the voice of the suffering masses of the Zimbabweans to step down.