Hosni Mubarak kingdom came to an end after his own people rejected him

If a soothsayer had warned Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president, that his own people would one day revolt against him, I am sure that he wouldn't have admitted it. Because for  Mubarak, he needs no dream or vision to see the future or afraid of any forthcoming political chaos in his country. After all for over three decades, he had kept the Egyptians under his control without any fear of his losing his throne.

Mubarak, like many of the African leaders, created a one-party state to dominate and dictate to the people in a grand style, corruption, and flamboyant lifestyle. As a president Hosni Mubarak survived many assassination attempts on his life but he couldn't escape the wrath of the Egyptians requesting for his resignation in one of the biggest demonstration in the history of Egypt.

According to an Arabic news site "Akhbar al-Arab", Gamal Mubarak, the 47 year old son of Hosni Mubarak, together with his family including the Suzanne, 69,  Mubarak's wife fled with a private jet to London to occupy a villa bought already by the corrupt Hosni Mubarak at 9 million dollar (6.5 million euro). According to the news site, the Mubarak's family arrived in London with 97 suitcases. Corruption is always associated with African leaders. They deposit large sums of money at foreign banks while the common people suffer in poverty.

They world is rapidly changing. Even the Arab world wants democracy, though some don't agree with the USA. Power belongs to the people as well, this is what African leaders must know. What has happened to Hosni Mubarak is an experience one-party state leaders should learn something from. This is also a warning to corrupt leaders. Whatever one sows in life, exactly what the one shall reap. Disgrace will always await them at the end of the tunnel like Hosni Mubarak.