Africa and the US trade

Africa is a continent that answers the need for all raw materials required by advanced countries, including the United States of America. In regard to Africa's economic growth, US will maintain a good relationship with Africa, said Ron Kirk, US Trade Representative in his recent official tour to Tanzania.

Discussing the importance of trade in promoting economic growth in Africa and the US, with international trade, students from the University of Dar es Salaam and Mzumbe University, ambassador Ron Kirk said there was urgent need to prepare the next generation of government and business leaders for the demands of an increasingly competitive global economy.

Tanzania is one of the numerous African countries blessed with extraordinary natural resources that the US wants to maintain good relations with. "As the next generation leaders, you need to lead the way in taking advantage of those resources, so that Tanzania can realise its full potential," said Ron Kirk to the students.

Kirk, whose trip was highlighted the strong partnership between US and Tanzania, focused on the progress made under AGOA, but also discussed the need to do more to increase US exports to Africa, in order to support America's economic recovery at home. He commended Tanzania for being one of the only four countries worldwide to be selected for president Obama's new Partnership for Growth (PFG) initiative, which seeks to promote broad-based economic growth in developing countries.

The other countries for PFG are Ghana, El Salvador, and the Philipines. The US exports to Tanzania grew by 3.6 percent between 2009 and 2010, rising to 164 million dollars.