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The European Union (EU) has decided to release a loan of 10 million euros, as additional aid to Liberia to enable some 500,000 people in the country to have access to health care and drinking water, according to the press statement issued in Brussels by the European Union last year.

The loan among others will be used to bridge the funding gap in the transitional period between humanitarian aid funding and development funding. The EU noted that the aid to Liberia has been so far "successful and helped to establish a link between emergency aid, rehabilitation, and development".

Out of the loan, 7 million euros will be used to fund the primary health care projects and to improve maternal and infant health. In addition, the loan will be used to finance programmes for access to drinking water and sanitation networks and for the improvement of hygiene.

Part of the funds of about 2.95 million euros will be used to ensure a harmonious transition to bridge the gap until the end of the process. Liberia is one of the African countries that was totally crippled by war, during the era of Charles Taylor, who is now facing criminal charges at The Hague.
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