LIFE, ABOVE ALL, is a film by Oliver Schmitz, a White South-African residing in Germany. Oliver wants to capture the awareness of the world with the AIDS epidemic in South Africa. The film was  presented  at the 2010 Cannes premiere. It's a film based on a Canadian novel and financed in Europe.

Almost six million South-Africans are infected with the HIV-virus, killing thousands of people each day with AIDS. The AIDS epidemic is disastrous, silencing the dead, but the living is crying, wailing and calling for help. Life, Above All" is trying to send a message of hope about an epidemic that has killed millions and will probably take millions to their untimely grave.

The film is about the difficult adolescence of Chandra, played by actress Khomoso Manyaka, as her first role in her acting career. The background of the story is sad but educative. Chandra has a bright future, as her school results were excellent. She has the opportunity to study further but she has to wait.

She has other plans. Chandra has to arrange the burial for her baby sister and her junior brother. Her mother was not only sad but the problems took its toll on her experiencing depression each and every day. It worth  for one to watch this film.

The background of the film was made with an excellent story, hoping this movie carries the message which could change the present situation in South-Africa.