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The leader of the Vlaams Belang, Philip Dewinter, is highly worried over the way Antwerpen is gradually changing significantly from a peaceful city into a dangerous city for the inhabitants. 

In the new version of the “Antwerp's Nieuws,” the Vlaams Belang nieuws magazine, Mr. Dewinter openly spoke against the Mayor of Antwerp, Patrick Janssens, and other parties. He disclosed that a report carried out by the Federal Police in Antwerp, states that crime has increased significantly by 26.8 percent within 10 years. (2000-2010)

According to the news magazine, "during the tenure of Mayor of Antwerp, Patrick Janssens and SP.a, N-VA, CD & V, VLD -the majority took the recorded crime in Antwerp into consideration as it escalates to tackle the problem, but nothing was done. After the 2006 elections, Mr. Janssens promised to reduce crime by saying "priority of priorities" would be, yet nothing was achieved. 

Unfortunately today, there is little progress in fighting against crime in Antwerp. On the contrary, the viability of our city is becoming  more and more dangerous. According to police figures, much of the crime are committed by foreigners. "Multi-culturalism is rapidly increasingly and responsible for many criminal activities." He said.

According to the magazine, it's difficult for the council to link between immigration and criminals in the city. Mr. Dewinter gave an example of an incidence that took place at Handelstraat, in Antwerp-North, when retailers rightly took the law into their own hands, namely the drug dealers and illegal immigrants in the district by fighting. 

According to Mr. Dewinter, although 90% of drug dealers in the city of Antwerp are  illegal immigrants, Patrick Janssens refused to combat against their illegal activities. The actions of the retailers of Handelstraat not only an act of legitimate self-defense but an indictment of life because of  loose safety policies of Mr. Janssens & Co.

I agree with Mr. Dewinter on some of the issues but not all. In every advanced country, criminal activities are always blamed on foreigners but most of the nationals are hardened criminals too. For example, in Italy, exists the Mafia, Ndraghetta, and the Camorra. These underworld criminal groups have ruined the country beyond remedy, but they always blame foreigners for criminal activities in the country.

However, I agree with him over the flexible action on criminals in the city of Antwerp. I have been asking myself time and time if the Antwerp police are afraid of Moroccans. Amongst foreigners from African origin, if ten criminals are caught, nine would be Moroccan and the other would a Nigerian or Ghanaian. Yet when a Morrocan and a Ghanaian are soliciting for a job, the Moroccan would be accepted. Is it because of their colour or people are simply afraid of their aggressiveness?

It is never too late. If the mayor of Antwerp, wants the inhabitants of the city of Antwerp, to enjoy a peaceful crime free environment, then he must be tough on criminals. Seriously something must be done. Antwerp is full of criminals because the police is weak. Crime can never ever be eliminated from any society, but it can be controlled and reduced. Moroccans must fear the police but not contrary.

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