GREENPEACE calls for halt to the plunder of African Oceans

Greenpeace volunteers

An investigation by the Greenpeace for some time now has revealed that the West Africa local fishing industries are under threat, due to European fishing trawlers fishing in West African waters. Under the theme 'Empty nets, Empty future,' Greenpeace calls for a halt.

The report focuses on how millions of West Africans depend on fishing industry but now under threat due to Europeans trawlers that are increasingly overfishing. The activity is gradually taking its toll on the local fishing industry and also threatening the extinction of many unique species.

The West African Coasts have now become a destination of choice for European and Asian fleets. Since their fishing territory have become overfished  by 88% of the commercial used fish stocks in EU waters. They have no where to go than to head to Africa, where they fail to put any protective measures in place to the diminishing fishing stocks.

The effect of climate change on oceans is another important issue to 'Greenpeace.' Increased water temperatures and changing weather patterns are among other factors affecting the ocean to sustain life. 'Empty net, Empty future,' highlights on climate change that could spell the end of the export fisheries industry in West Africa. The report says this would destroy local economies, jobs and food availbility.

In order to maintain a free non hostile evironment and good economies for the local fishing industries, Greenpeace is demanding fewer foreign trawlers and factory ships at sea, sustainable fishing practices and establishment of a network of marine reserves to let fish stocks recover and protect the ecosystem. 

They call for the current fisheries agreements to be scrapped and be replaced with sustainable ones that would benefit West Africa.