Christmas celebration

Christmas is a joyful season. A joyful occasion to visit relatives, friends and exchange of gifts. Unfortunately, within a relatively short period between the holidays and the new year's eve, unexpected tragedies, bring sadness to our homes, instead of happiness.

One important aspect of human life, that everyone has to know to be alert is while one is planning a good holiday, unseen calamity which can be prevented awaits for you at the corner. Rapists, stalkers, and murderers, like the Christmas season. Like a cobra, waiting to strike its victim, rapists follow drunk girls as preys. Criminals break into homes to steal, believing the occupants are drunk and heavily asleep.

Apart from these tragedies that could easily occur at homes, some of the hazards or calamities are often man-made errors. A flickering candle, easily catches fire when in contact with curtain, carpet and other quick-burning objects. Christmas tree meant for decoration, can easily ignite because of overloading of electrical outlets.

All these tragedies can easily be prevented. Ladies going out for fun and coming home late must be in a group. Women particularly must be careful of the men they associate with and watch over what they drink. Men with bad intentions toward a woman, usually get them by drink. A substance in a drink to drug a woman can never be detected. The aftermath of some of these drugs is fatal.

When drunk, please don't lose your mind both at home and outside. Christmas is a season of merry and not tears. Wishing everyone happy season and prosperous new year, with carefulness, safety, and rapt attention.