Meryl Streep

Film is not only an entertainment but also generates a lot of money for the industry, especially when the film is good. Many films are based on true events and some of the stories are very inspiring. In regard to Margaret Thatcher, former British Prime Minister`s film `The Iron Lady` role played by Meryl Streep, in my point of view, I see nothing special about Margaret Thatcher that her story has to be acted as a film.

Margaret Thatcher was one of the biggest racists that supported Apartheid in her era. As prime minister, she opposes immigrants and even thought  it was wrong for immigrants to get council houses ahead of `white citizens`. Yet she forgets that Jamaican immigrants were those that built the British railway connection with blood, sweat, and tears.

During her rule as British`s prime minister, South Africa suffered naked repression of terrorism acts, from the hands successive `Apartheid governments, without emotions and when the victims and anti-apartheid activists and the ANC, tried to fight for justice, she branded them as  `terrorists`. It isn`t  amazing when David Cameron, the present prime minister tries to disassociate himself from Margaret Thatcher, due to her bad policies during the Apartheid era.

I quote `Mr. Mandela was one of the greatest men alive. The mistakes my party made in the past with respect to relations with ANC and sanctions on South Africa, make it more important to listen now`, said Mr. David Cameron. What makes Margaret Thatcher`s governance so special to earn her the name `Iron Lady?`I don`t even think South Africa would welcome this film when released.

According to the Saturday`s edition, December 3, 2011, of  `The Telegraph` Baroness Thatcher will not see a film of her life, because she does not watch films or programmes about her`. How could she watch when her bad conscience and wrong doings haunt her when watching programmes of herself?

I am really surprised that a great actress like Meryl Streep could accept a role, portraying  Margaret Thatcher in a film, knowing very well the crime this woman committed against humanity during her era in South Africa. Film lovers may enjoy this film but victims of racism, discrimination and Apartheid will put this film in the thrash when even distributed free of charge.