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In regard to racism, offenders must be severely punished in the sense that they know what they are doing and what the outcome would be. Racism has caused so much bloodshed, unrest and violence globally that it is time for the world to realise that enough is enough. Yet it is the desire of others to call for bloodshed and violence, thus; when such people are arrested they must face a tougher sentence than 56 days given to Liam Stacey for insulting someone in a coma

Bolton player Fabrice Muamba collapsed while playing. If Liam wasn't ready to wish him a speedy recovery, then he must shut up. Instead, he posted stupid racial remarks against someone at the point of death on Twitter. What was the significance of this? Calling or supporting racism in football? These stupid comments he made was uncalled for. Surprising he was given only 56 days. 

According to the district judge, John Charles he took into account the student's early guilty plea and the fact that he had been "in drink" at the time but he said the comments were "vile and offensive" and his sentence had to "reflect public abhorrence". Judge John Charles should have fined him too for drinking and losing his mind. People do terrible things and blame it on alcohol.

His school, Swansea University, did well by suspending him from his biology course over the case.
Even though 56 days behind bars isn't enough, Judge John Charles did well for taking this matter into consideration. Liam Stacey's jail will serve as a deterrent to others that want to stir hatred and bloodshed through football.
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