CHILDREN KILLED ON BUS, plunges Belgium into total darkness

They just went to a ski trip, happy to see their parents back but then an unthinkable thing just happened. The bus the children were travelling on crashed in Switzerland, killing 28 Belgian and Dutch tourists, including 22 children.

This could be the worst tragedy in the history of Belgium concerning the number of children killed in a bus accident. According to sources, the bus was travelling to Sion, when it veered off the road hitting a concrete wall of a tunnel in the Swiss Alps, near Italy.

The impact of the accident was so severe that six adults, including two drivers of the coach, died on the spot. 24 other children sustained injuries in the crash. Most of the children were aged around 12.
Belgium's Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo,  who went to the crash scene, in a press conference, said this is "an extremely sad day for all Belgians." As a result of the accident, families of the victims were being flown to Switzerland to identify the bodies of the children at a local hospital.

Swiss president Eveline Widmer-Schumpf also visited the site, while an investigation to determine the cause of the crash is under way. This tragedy has plundered Belgium into total darkness.

Around 200 police, firefighters and paramedics worked throughout the night on board the bus, which front ripped open and broken glass and debris strewn across the road. It was even a shock that despite the condition of the bus after the accident some cheated death. The number of people on board was 52.

My sympathy or condolence to the grieving family after this tragic loss of their loved ones. May the Lord give you the strength to stand firm in this difficult time. Everyone is touched. Both children and adults are sad. We pray for the affected family through this process of grief and mourning.