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Name given to a child after birth is very important. Parents are the best people to tell you the reason they chose that name for the child. In the African culture, a country like Ghana names a child according to the day he or she was born. Others too are named after someone due to the good things or what the person achieved before finally leaving the earth.

Many names are taken from the Bible by Christians all over the world. You often see someone called Joseph, because, in the Holy Bible, Jesus’ father was Joseph and also Mary because Jesus’ mother was Mary, In the Christian life these two  people were good. But no one likes to name her daughter Jezebel, Athaliah etc because they were very bad people in the Holy Bible.

Like superstition, many keep away from names that had a bad history or record from the Biblical history to our present human history. I am yet to meet someone called Jezebel anywhere. Due to what Adolph Hitler did, the family name Hitler had completely disappeared, evidently letting people know that a good name worth than gold.

I have never heard someone called Judas until I read of a boxer in Ghana called Judas Clottey. Judas, every knew betrayed Jesus, therefore, this has been a name not often used for a child, yet Mr. Clottey named his beloved son Judas because he probably doesn’t follow superstition or one inheriting the bad ways or character of others named after.

My question is “Does a bad name influence people?” According to a research made, badly chosen names for babies could influence them when growing. But in what way? Low esteem? 

Underestimation, low education and smoking. Imagine naming your son Ananias and daughter Sapphira.  Ananias means “Jehovah is gracious” but he wasn’t faithful to himself. He and his wife sold a plot, gave part of the money and concealed part of it.When the truth was discovered both died tragically.

However; if names influence people, what about those with good names but are thieves, armed robbers? and mafias? In my opinion, a name given to someone doesn’t matter much than the upbringing of the person. 

Bringing up a child to be a responsible person in the future is a very difficult responsibility, yet it's the parents that have to give him or her the best educational, shape and pattern of life to the child, to be a responsible person in the society.

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