Frankly speaking, there isn’t anything called “justice” for the Blackman or the South African. If there is, F.W. de Klerk, former president of South Africa, in the Apartheid era, should have face trial at the international court in The Hague, for the crime he committed against South Africans, including children.

Like a bird, free from its cage, he has forgotten his evil actions, deeds, philosophies and brutal regime against people in their own country. Now he stands labelling international statesman Nelson Mandela as a 'brutal and unfair' political opponent.  I don’t blame him but the European fragile justice of favoritisms, supporting many white leaders who have blood stain in their hands.

Klerk was a man who doesn’t deserve to share  the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize with Mandela. whom he had released from prison four years earlier. De Klerk said that although the liberation leader was a man of 'stature and strength', he was not faultless. That is absolute rubbish. If Mandela is not faultless, what about him whose regime murdered and massacred defenseless school children in cold blood? Nelson Mandela was right to fight for his country and the people. They killed Steve Biko but they couldn't kill him.

Charles Taylor deserves to face justice and be jailed for supporting rebel leader Foday Sankoh to  commit a heinous crime against Sierra Leoneans. But taking into consideration the weight of the crime ex-Apartheid leaders did against South Africans, as a matter of fact, none should have escaped judgment or justice in The Hague. 

But all of them went away with impunity because they were “whites vampires sucking the blood of innocent Black people.” If it was to be the other way round, the international court in Hague would have lined up all the black leaders to face trial.

Charles Taylor cannot be jailed, to convince the world that the “International court in The Hague” is doing a good job.  Partiality rules in The Hague.  If Nazi leaders are been hunted to face prosecution over the killing of six million Jews, then any living ex-Apartheid leader and leaders who supported that evil regime, like former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, and others must face justice too. That would convince the whole world that the international court in The Hague is doing a good job.