When Jill Ireland, was diagnosed with breast cancer and passed away in 1990, after a six-year battle with the disease, I felt the impact in a very hard way, the fact that her husband, Charles Bronson, was one of my favourite film stars.

In an article captioned "Why Me?", Charles Bronson shows his grief, anguish, and sadness after his lovely wife succumbed to the disease. I felt exactly like the great film star, mourning the death of his wife, without a slight knowledge that one day, cancer will crawl into my family.

Late this year, the one I love most was diagnosed with breast cancer and the tumor was removed. I am aware of Akua's gorgeousness and beauty. Her long black silky beautiful hair and her attractive wonderful smile. Day by day, I saw what the disease did to her, robbing of her beauty, joy, hair, attractiveness and rendering her powerless.

However, in every situation, I will always love you Akua. I will always be around to support you. My faith is to see you healthy and beautiful once again after this terrible ordeal. How I wish I could fight cancer physically. 

I really hate cancer, please leave people alone and go back to where ever you came from.