FACTS TO REMEMBER - There isn't any escape route.

If you wake up every day making problems and fighting your neighbour, you are just saying prayers to the devil. You will end up getting high blood pressure.

If one pretends to be dead, mourners would pretend to bury you and out of jealousy and hatred, if one wishes his neighbour's downfall, he is inviting the same wishes for himself.
If it's someone's habit to say negative things about his colleagues at work to the boss, because you wanted favour, you will turn out to be the enemy and lose your job.

A child who wants to deny his mother some sleep by crying the whole night will also not sleep.

If young and hates to give a seat to the old in the bus, tram or Metro, cross your fingers. It will happen to you when old.

If you bend down looking at someone's bottom, someone else is behind you looking at your bottom.

If one enjoys treating people badly and denying them justice, you will reap what you sown and be miserable like a church mouse.

Those who attack the old and rob them off their money and jewels would meet the same fate when old.