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One of the essential advantages of book reviews is an author getting his or her work known to readers. It enhances and facilitates the sales of books. Unfortunately, book review doesn't come easy. There are thousands of authors who have written great books, but due to lack of review, the books are unknown. 

In the past and present, there have been debates on social websites over book review, if it is right to buy reviews or not. Actually, I'm one of those authors who wouldn't pay for a review, because it's like paying a bribe or enticing someone to write about your book. Since paid, the reviewer will be under pressure to give a good review, even though he or she might find the book not good enough.

As a new author, I've never depended on book reviews to sell my books, because I don't want to depend on something which is not coming. So I tried something and it worked. One of my books 'The Passion of Reggae and African Music' is selling well.

What I did was introducing the book on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, then I provide a free sample link where readers can read or download some few pages. The strategy worked. Those who find the book interesting purchased it. Since then I have been receiving my royalties regularly every month. The threshold of my royalty is $25 but I receive sometimes $34. 

If this strategy has worked, definitely it may work for other authors as well. One thing authors need to remember is, 'One can't put a lighted candle under a bucket, expecting it to brighten the environment. We need to find every necessary plan to sell our books.
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