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To many people, more Twitter followers mean success, dignity, respect etc. Thus, there are websites that run free and paid Twitter followers services. They are very enticing indeed, especially for those dying to increase their Twitter followers. 

The system works, but always be careful what you wish for. Most of us like something free, but free cost often comes with discomfort, worries and burdens. As soon as you register at any of these websites, they immediately hijack your Twitter page.

You will receive between 30 to 50 followers immediately but you will be following over 100 people you don’t even know where they come from.Would you be happy to see: Following- 650 – Followers- 350 on your Twitter page? Not at all, because the system which has hijacked your Twitter page has made it so.

You now following many paid customers they need to provide followers. The reason you are following many people while few are following you. Efforts to unfollow them don’t work, because your Twitter page is hijacked by the corrupt system. When you become a victim of such situation, please follow the instructions below to free yourself.

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