If The Dead Can Defend Themselves Prince Will Surely Do That

The late legend, Prince: May he rest in peace.

The late legend, Prince: May he rest in peace.

The media  is like a parasite that lives on the rich, famous and influential people. Shockingly, when any celebrity dies, the media still feeds on the dead as Ghouls.

Since last Thursday, after the world received the devastating news over the death of one of the legends of Pop music, Prince Rogers Nelson, commonly known as Prince, strange stories over his death keeps on appearing in the news daily without ceasing.

Some of the news is very disturbing shaking the confidence and love his fans have for him. According to some of the papers the late musician sold his soul to the devil, as often done by celebrities hungry to be famous.

There are a number of videos as well on the ‘Youtube’ ‘revealing’ how Prince died by sacrificing his life through Illuminati, a secret organization of the most powerful and influential elites in the world, which involves the swearing of oaths and blood sacrifice.
If Illuminati exists, I don’t think it’s every musician who is interested or every successful musician passed through it. But just as it baffles me, I think it baffles others too about the attitudes and behaviours of some celebrities.

Why do some of them post naked pictures of themselves on social media? Why do many of them especially the females, attend functions without putting on underwear? Why do many of them do satanic rituals on stage  when performing?

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