Lucky Dube of South Africa: One of the world’s greatest reggae legends

Many great people die and nobody remembers them anymore. All that they achieved perish with them forever, but not Lucky Dube.  Like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh etc, the fame of Lucky Dube, the mesmerising  South African reggae star has overflowed its banks, ranking him one of the greatest musicians the world has ever known.

It’s often said good or great people die very young. This is a statement I have never ponder over it until the unexpected death of this perfect gentleman whose songs seek peace, love, unity and speak against social problems and injustice. Like many others, I haven’t overcome the death of Lucky Dube, because I interviewed him and above all his music is among my favourite reggae collections.

Every song that Lucky Dube made was a hit because his lyrical is brilliant and delightful. His invention and combination of mbaqanga (traditional Zulu) music created such a beautiful melody satisfying music lovers across the globe. His song “Daddy where ever you are remember me,” is one of my favourites because it reminds me of the day at the age of 19, standing by my father’s hospital bed and he passed away.

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