If you drink don't drive and if you drive don't drink

If you drink don't drive and if you drive don't drink

Many don't realize how precious life is and often gamble with it as if it has a duplicate. Not at all, life has no duplicate because we only die once and some of these deaths are so painful that it destroy an entire family.

Every year, within a relatively short period from December 30/31 to January 1, many are left behind with sad stories. Some of these tragedies could have been prevented. 

It's great to see the end of the year, ready to cross over to the new year. We meet families and attend parties but along the line, many make wrong decisions.

If you drive to a party or see the family, absent-mindedly you may drink a lot without realizing it because you are happy. If you see yourself in such situation please don't drive home.

Let someone qualified to drive who hasn't taken any alcohol to drive you home or leave the vehicle behind and join the public transport home. Had I known, is always at last.

You may not drive but one can easily get entangled in a road accident. Drivers that often drink and drive during festive periods, under the influence of alcohol lose control when driving.

Pedestrians must, therefore, be careful on the streets to be safe. Be like a bodyguard and use both your eyes and ears where ever you are. 

Finally, put off all lighted candles before going to bed. Pets such as dogs or cats can accidentally push down a lighted candle to set a house ablaze. You may not only lose your house but also your life.

Life is beautiful, we should forgive if anyone offends us. That doesn't  only bring peace and happiness but also improves health. 

Joel Savage is an African writer. Anyone interested in the diversity of culture can visit the Amazon book page of this writer. 

With love, I wish everyone, including my fans and readers 'Happy Xmas holidays and New Year' in advance.