There is time for everything, a time to sow and a time to reap. It’s now time to open up crime covered up decades ago. Aids and Ebola are medical crimes against humanity. Just as the Germans planned to exterminate all the Jews, the same, America, Belgium, Holland and the World Health Organization planned to depopulate Africa, with contaminated vaccines.

But not only Jews were used for horrific experiments. Gypsies, orphans, babies, mentally disabled persons, prisoners and homosexuals were purposely infected with contaminated vaccines which cause not only various brand new diseases but also Aids and Ebola. But the majority of people affected by Aids and Ebola are black skinned people. (Africans).
Long before the outbreaks of Aids and Ebola in Africa, the viruses responsible for both Aids and Ebola had already been created in laboratories. The years between 1960 and 1973, during the darkest days of the cold war in which dangerous experiments on human beings secretly done and massive polio and smallpox vaccinations were used, guided by the WHO and CDC, and mostly paid by the Rockefeller Foundation.
Not everyone has pleasure in wickedness. To avoid animal cruelty and find a substitute to carry on with his experiments, Micro-surgeon and scientist Johan Van Dongen invented the “Anastomosis Simulator” and the “Artificial Rat”and received the “Prize Alternatives for Animal Experiments” from the Ministry of Health, of the Dutch Government, at the Annual Congress of Animal Technicians, on November 3, 1993.
But his nightmare started when his native country recognized him as a whistle blower for revealing that Aids and Ebola are human made and tested on Africans, in order to find vaccines against it for military defending purposes in two books he published in Dutch.
The Dutch government, journalists and medical establishments discouraged the sales of the books with bad reviews and finally banned them, then afterwards lost his job and house. “The things I didn't lose were my wife, brain and the courage to continue the revealing of the truth about the real origin of Aids and Ebola,” says Professor Johan Van Dongen.
Professor Johan Van Dongen for a very long time was fighting this battle alone, until he met the Belgian – African journalist, writer and author Joel Savage, hence; the publication of this book. “I am not qualified to polish the shoes of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah etc; so death doesn't mean anything to me. About the truth on Aids and Ebola, no stone shall be left upturned,” says author Joel Savage. Get your copies at Amazon and find out the truth.

Barack Obama On Ebola Issue How Sincere Are You?

Mr. President, a couple of weeks ago, following media attacks and negative comments from people around the world, including Americans,  an article entitled “How tough is it for Obama as black president?” was published by Diplomatic Aspects Newspaper. I supported you and lashed against the Americans. From every angle, in regard to what is happening under your administration, I totally regret for writing that article. I apologize to Americans.

Mr. Obama, before taking the seat as the president of America, you swore to serve the Americans and the world in truth, please are you sure you are living to that promise and commitment? Can you swear that you have no idea that the Ebola virus was manufactured and tested on Black people in Congo and Uganda? 

And if at all you don’t know, are you not aware of Holland Professor Johan Van Dongen’s research in 1972, which reveals that Ebola virus is human made and tested on black skinned people in Uganda and Zaire in Africa, in order to find vaccines against it for military defending purposes?

Since the publication of his research, are you not aware that the authorities have vowed to make his life a hell, taking him to court on several occasions, rendering him penury, losing his job and house? Are you also not aware that his book he wrote in Netherlands to let readers know about this heinous crime against humanity has also been banned in Holland and Belgium?

Mr. Obama do you know that on October 10, 2014, as a journalist writing for Diplomatic Aspects Newspaper in Belgium, an article over the above subject was published and it was posted on all social websites including Twitter, but the link of the article has been completely removed from the web without any trace? Who are responsible Mr. President and why are they fighting to cover up the truth or the crime?
Mr. President are you aware that a book I wrote called “Little Boygium-Wonderful Experience, revealing the indiscriminately killings of Africans at a notorious hospital called Stuivenberg in Antwerp, for body organs needed very urgently for the Belgians can't be seen anywhere in Belgium? 

Would you call me a crazy writer if I speak against Belgium King Leopold II for killing ten million Africans in Congo, yet streets were named after him and statues built in his honour in Belgium? Would you call me a lunatic writer when since the publication of my book, the death rate of Africans in that hospital has fallen completely? Yet officials of the city of Antwerp went there to investigate pretending they don’t know what was going on?

Mr. Obama, now I know the reason the world and your own country have lost confidence in you. You have lied over Ebola and continue to hide the greatest crime against humanity after slavery. Mr. Obama you failed to do your job and Professor Johan Van Dongen did it for you, but he is now suffering in silence.  

The world is falling apart Mr. Obama, not because of the rate of crime alone, but the criminals who try to cover up the crime; like you.Where is the media? Where are they when the world needs them? 

When the rain falls, it doesn't fall on one man’s house, all those covering up the crime, sitting down without doing something significant to save the destruction of the world, will feel the impact without any escape. We should try to create a better world for the future generation including our children.

The writer

EBOLA: Worries Over The Spread Of The Virus To Europe

Many times scientists carry out dangerous experiments when finding solutions to problems. Some try it on animals, others choose the underprivileged people. The reason Africa has been a victim to many cruelty and humanity crimes.

But sometimes they forget that what goes around, comes around.

The following statement was given by ambulance personal in the biggest newspaper in Holland “De Telegraaf” and the RTL-Television. Ebola-suits are not reliable, says ambulance personal to the Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf” and RTL- Television.

Those suits which have to protect them against the catching up of the Ebola virus aren't safe. Also the gloves are not sufficient because they easily get destroyed. Even the masks they are wearing are very dangerous because they only give protection against smog but most certainly not against Ebola virus they said.
According to ambulance personal a fire worker is better protected against a little bit of smoke then they are for Ebola. The ambulance personal stated also that suits in other western countries are much better...

Former Prof dr. Roel Coutinho of the Governmental Institute of Health and Environment stated: “it is absolutely impossible that we will see an Ebola epidemic in civilized countries."

Why a delegation to educate people on Ebola was brutally murdered in Republic of Guinea?

Ebola is spreading very fast, putting the lives of health workers also in danger. The outbreak in West Africa is rapidly claiming lives to date, prompting the World Health Organization to declare an international health emergency as over more than 2,100 people have died of the virus in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria this year.
The shocking death rate few months after the outbreak and appeals from aid organizations, have prompted the American government to decide assigning 3,000 US military personnel to West Africa's Ebola affected regions to supply medical equipment, support health workers and treat victims of the epidemic.
Ebola is a highly dangerous disease. Highly qualified doctors and health workers are at risk if they treat infectious people without proper precautions. Thus; the need for Obama’s administration to send military personnel to help is necessary.
Often desperate and frustrated people end up doing crazy things. In the village of Womme, outside the town of Nzerekore, in the southeast of Guinea, eight delegation members, including two journalists on a mission to educate the people about Ebola and show them how to prevent it, in a region where many lack the education on Ebola, encountered their untimely death.
Many Africans hold the idea that Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) was purposely inflicted on Africa by Europeans to wipe out Africans. The villagers thought the same on the Ebola issue and furiously attacked the delegation killing them.
The origin of Aids documentary film

“In the 1950s, American and Belgian missionaries in the Belgian colonies of the Congo widely distributed polio vaccine to a million children in a bid to wipe out the crippling disease; however, evidence now suggests that Dr. Koprowski's oral vaccine may have been tainted, and that the first instances of the disease may be linked to those inoculations.

Using interviews, newsreel footage, and documented research experiments, The Origin of AIDS examines how a combination of benevolence, careless lab procedures, and the need of a desperate few to cover their tracks could have led to one of the most serious pandemics of the 20th century.” Watch the video: Africans have lived with this theory for years.

“It's very sad and hard to believe, but they were killed in cold blood by the villagers,” government spokesman Albert Damantang Camara said, according to Agence France-Presse.  The delegation under the wrath of the villagers with stones and clubs fled into the bush after the attack, according to the Guinean radio, but they were pursued and killed.

It’s unfortunate that in the midst of such epidemic, innocent workers could meet such a horrible death. Many health workers are now known to have fled their posts, afraid to work, especially at places where the disease has killed doctors, nurses and hygienists. The killing of the delegation is now one of the setbacks to prevent health care workers going to affected areas in Africa.

The impact of Ebola, picture: Courtesy of World Health Organization.


Ask any European his or her date of birth, the answer is given within a second, but go on further to ask, “On what day were you born?”  That’s really a tough question to answer, because a day of the week on which one is born, is less important to them.
In Africa, especially Ghana, traditionally, a day of the week determines the name given to a baby. We’ve heard often that a good name is better than riches. Many are given names of great people, but for ages Ghanaians follow the tradition of their ancestral to give names to babies.
A male child born on Sunday is given ‘Kwesi’, and ‘Akosua’ goes to a female child, because Sunday in Akan language is called ‘Kwesida.’ ‘Kodwo or Kojo’, goes to a male child born on Monday and ‘Adwoa or Ajoa’ goes to a female child, because Monday is ‘Edzuda’. ‘Kobina’ is given to a male child born on Tuesday and ‘Abena’ to a female child, because Tuesday is ‘Ebenada.’
On Wednesday, a male child is named ‘Kweku or Kwaku’ and a female child is named ‘Akua’, because Wednesday is ‘Ikuda.’ ‘Yaw’ goes to a male child born on Thursday and ‘Yaa’ goes to a female child, because Thursday is ‘Yawda, pronounced ‘Yauda.’ ‘Kofi’ goes to a male child born on Friday and ‘Afua’ goes to a female child, because Friday is ‘Ifida.’ Finally ‘Ato, Kwame or Kwamena’, goes to a male child born on Saturday and ‘Ama’ goes to a female child, because Saturday is ‘Miminda.’
In Ghana a male child can be named ‘Mensah’ because he is the third child of his parents and ‘Mansa’ to a third female child. This tradition of naming babies has inspired many foreigners, including Europeans and Americans to give them themselves traditional names corresponding with the day they were born.