The legendary Peter Tosh

There thousands of Africans in the Diaspora. Many hate to be called Africans,  some love the continent but never had the chance to visit there, while others frequently visited Africa. One of them was the legendary Peter Tosh, one of the founding members of the original Wailers trio.

The fearless tough man, whose vicious wit marked militant tunes made him an international figure, visited Africa including Nigeria on many occasions. I never had the opportunity to see Peter Tosh performing but I had a glimpse of him when he visited Nigeria and followed his activities in the country through ‘The Punch Newspaper.’

Peter Tosh was in Nigeria in 1982. During his visit, he stayed in the house of Sunny Okosun, another great Nigerian musician interested in the well-being of people. It’s like the two had something in common. In Nigeria Sunny Okosun’s ‘Fire in Soweto, Papa’s Land’ etc, became international hits, for his concern for the suffering South Africans under Apartheid regime.

While in Jamaica, Peter Tosh recorded ‘Apartheid’ on his ‘Equal Rights’ album. “Inna me land dig out me gold, pearl, diamond, we gonna fight against Apartheid.” It’s not surprised that the two musicians were great friends. In 1983 while still in Lagos, Peter Tosh revisited Nigeria. This time, he cemented his love for his dear Africa by composing the song he named ‘Mama Africa.’

“Two thousand years of history can’t be wiped away so easily, sings Bob Marley in ‘Zion Train.’ Definitely, the achievements of Peter Tosh in the field of music can’t be easily forgotten. On April 20, 2016, Jamaica celebrated second official International Peter Tosh Day. Like the sons of Bob Marley, Andrew Tosh is carrying on the works of his father.
The Amazing Story Behind Bob Marley’s Zimbabwe Hit

The Pride Of Our Generation As Obedient Children

A happy Ghanaian woman and child: Art work by Peter Asare

We are in a generation of disobedient children comparing to our time. We, the people born between 1940-1970 in Ghana, are the most blessed ones. We are awesome  people and our life is a living proof.

While playing and riding rented bicycle, we never bothered  to wear helmets. We played Oware, Ampe,  Kwaakwaa (Hide and seek) asosor, tumatu (Ghanaian games) and skipping rope etc, without thinking about television, video or computer games.

After school (those days, we went to school two times a day) we played until dusk but never watched the world (Television) by locking up ourselves in a room. We played only with our real friends, not with www.com friends.

If we ever felt thirsty, we drank tap water or stream water, bottled water didn't exist but there wasn't any Ebola or pneumococcal meningitis  We never got ill even after sharing the same juice or sweet with four friends

We were happy after our fufu, kokonte, etsew, ampesi. (Ghanaian dishes.) There weren't any fried rice or 'foes chicken.' We ate rice and chicken only on special days. (Christmas, New Year, Easter etc.) Even then , we will go anywhere with our fresh chicken legs, head, and wings in our hands, for everyone to know that we've eaten rice.

Nothing happened to our feet after roaming and kicking balls made of rags bare footed. We never used any health  supplements to keep ourselves healthy. We used to create our own toys. Our parents were not rich but they never chased after money.

If The Dead Can Defend Themselves Prince Will Surely Do That

The late legend, Prince: May he rest in peace.

The media  is like a parasite that lives on the rich, famous and influential people. Shockingly, when any celebrity dies, the media still feeds on the dead as Ghouls.

Since last Thursday, after the world received the devastating news over the death of one of the legends of Pop music, Prince Rogers Nelson, commonly known as Prince, strange stories over his death keeps on appearing in the news daily without ceasing.

Some of the news is very disturbing shaking the confidence and love his fans have for him. According to some of the papers the late musician sold his soul to the devil, as often done by celebrities hungry to be famous.

There are a number of videos as well on the ‘Youtube’ ‘revealing’ how Prince died by sacrificing his life through Illuminati, a secret organization of the most powerful and influential elites in the world, which involves the swearing of oaths and blood sacrifice.
If Illuminati exists, I don’t think it’s every musician who is interested or every successful musician passed through it. But just as it baffles me, I think it baffles others too about the attitudes and behaviours of some celebrities.

Why do some of them post naked pictures of themselves on social media? Why do many of them especially the females, attend functions without putting on underwear? Why do many of them do satanic rituals on stage  when performing?


Sir Richard Branson, the English business magnate, investor, philanthropist and the founder of Virgin Group of companies, is the right person to tell the world why he has invested so much in Africa. One of the sincere business men proud of Africa.

Europe and America can’t praise Africa because they are like the ungrateful slave master who never appreciates whatever his slave does for him, yet they know that without the slave they are bound to face many obstacles without a solution.

America and Europe had depended heavily on Africa’s raw materials, mineral resources and treasures, before independent swept through Africa, leaving many European countries miserable because  they weren’t ready yet to let Africa go.

It was the most painful period for Western Europe when countries like Ghana, Congo, Guinea etc, had independence. Till this day, they feel that pain thus, there is a reason to target the continent of Africa to make the inhabitants miserable.

Just seven months after taking office on the direct orders of the US, Belgium and Britain, the newly elected prime minister of Congo,  Patrice Lumumba was brutally murdered and since Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana helped Lumumba, he was deposed in a coup masterminded by the CIA.

France was mad to the extent that they took away everything they had including the furniture from the State House in Guinea to France, leaving the newly elected Guinean leader Ahmed Sekou TourĂ© completely handicap. In history, America and Europe will not say that Africa’s rich mineral resources  played a significant role in our economy and development, instead, the media will write “Africa is a continent of poverty, illiteracy and crime.” Thank you.

However, whatever transpired in Africa, after Belgium, Britain and France lost their colonies is what we are witnessing today as medical crimes in Africa. Questions to answer: Why Aids killing Africans in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda etc? Because both the Netherlands and the British were in South Africa and the British were in Zimbabwe, Uganda etc.

The Pasteur Institute of France also inflicted deadly diseases including Aids and Ebola on Africans. To Western Europe and America, Africa deserves it because they have lost their colonies in the continent of Africa. Even though America had no colony in Africa, they interfering in African politics was their priority, just like today.

Despite all that were stolen from Africa, because of greed they weren’t satisfied. They couldn’t sleep peacefully, always finding a way to get Africa back. Something which never happened again. When it comes to crime, assassination of African leaders and the truth over Aids, Ebola and Lassa fever medical crimes in Africa, European and American journalists suffer the dumb syndrome, which affects both hands and pen to write.

There is no doubt that Europe and America are still interested in Africa. The two continents are completely exhausted with depreciating economies. Many have lost their jobs and life becoming difficult every day. Thus; getting hold of some of Africa’s vast mineral resources could revamp the economies and create more employment in Europe and America. Fortunately, Africa’s vast mineral resources are always there, because they can’t make good use of their own abundant resources than corruption.


“WE GOT HIM,” That was the statement made by America after the capture of Saddam Hussein in Iraq.  This statement reflects on Africa in regards to Aids. Western Europe and America have really got Africa. The African continent is seriously affected by Aids taking thousands of people to their untimely grave every year without ceasing.

The Aids and Ebola epidemic in Africa didn’t appear there miraculously or curse by God as a punishment, but they were man-made or laboratory engineered as bio-weapons and used against Africa with the intention to depopulate the continent. This is something world leaders, including  Europe and America leaders, knew but holding on tight lips to avoid exposure.

When it comes to the truth about Aids and Ebola, European and American journalists ‘lack’ education, so they don’t write but know the effect of the devastation by the disease in the continent. Looking at the fast rate Africans are dying of Aids, it is likely that within the next ten years, Africa will become desolate and a graveyard.

After forty-two years of research, Dutch Microsurgeon, and scientist Johan Van Dongen found out that the two diseases were prepared from the lab as bioweapons against Africa and he published them. Since truth is bitter than the bile, the professor lost his job as a lecturer in the University of Maastricht in Holland. On January 17, 2016, the ex-professor issued this challenge:


1. A Challenge To Top Scientists In Europe And America: “Prove Me Wrong If Aids, Ebola And Lassa Fever Are Not Medical Crimes Against Africa”- Scientist Johan Van Dongen https://goo.gl/dexaPp . Till now no journalist or world leader has challenged him. Are they running away from the truth or they are afraid of the wrath of Africans to come?

2. On October 13, 1994, in an interview with Humo, one of Belgium’s news magazines, Belgium’s professor Guido van der Groen said  “The U.S. military laboratories slated for Ebola and HIV, to develop into a biological weapon in the early sixties. Because he regretted of revealing the truth, Groen now claims that: Ebola was invented in 1960’s in Fort Detrick and in Congo in 2014.