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In 1914, when the Germans invaded Belgium during the war, they committed many grievous atrocities against the civilian population. It is estimated that nearly 6,000 Belgians were killed and 25,000 homes and 837 communities were also destroyed. This historical fact is considered the greatest crime against humanity in Belgium.

To a country like Belgium that period, the destruction was tough, but comparing to what King Leopold II did to Congo during the colonial era, one can agree that what the Germans did to the Belgians was just the tip of the iceberg. Nevertheless; crime, whether small or big, should be punished, even though many seem to elude it.

The swift European scramble over African territory took place from the 17th century to the 20th century. The European Kingdoms including France, England and Belgium, took the advantage of the cordial relationship and trust between them and the tribal chiefs and plundered the continent. Among the greediest, brutal and savage, was King Leopold II of Belgium.

Leopold colonized Congo which officially became his personal property in 1876. Under false pretence of protecting the Congolese, the world witnessed the slaughter of men, women and children. Dreaming of becoming the world’s richest king and to supply the demand of rubber in Europe for the auto and bicycle industries, King Leopold set up a reign of terror in the heart of Congo.

To produce enough wild rubber, those who failed suffered the consequences. Leopold’s men held the wives and children of the rubber tappers hostage, until they brought him exactly what he wanted. Those unable to supply his demand had their villages burned down, men were hanged, starved to death and others genital organs were tied.

Children's hands were chopped off as punishment for late deliveries. While many were calling Leopold a murderer and seeking justice to be hanged, the Belgians were covering up his crime. There is no doubt that King Leopold II is the moral forebear of Adolf Hitler, responsible for the death of 10 million people, during his exploitation of the Congo, between 1870 and 1900.

The rebellious rubber tappers who tried to fight Leopold’s men were quickly defeated and many fled to hide in the bush. Leopold told his men to go after them in the forest, giving them instructions to bring the right hand of every killed victim as a proof. How can the world go free and Jesus Christ who hasn’t committed any crime carries the cross alone? Instead King Leopold facing punishment for his crimes, he was hailed as a great humanitarian king with statutes, monuments and streets named after him.

It is very sad Belgium has such a history, as a country built on exploitation, suffering and the flowing of the blood of massacred children. No matter how hard they try to cover up this heinous crime, this historical crime will remain indelible. What we are witnessing in the Belgium today is unusual. Many are scared and predicting the end of the world. While many are committing suicide, others are fighting for power, yet they don’t know the hour.

Innocent blood can’t be shed; therefore Belgium shouldn't pretend they have forgotten about this crime. No sacrificial lamb or compensation could heal the wounds and broken spirits of the victims or Congo as a country.  King Leopold II of Belgium was nothing more than a criminal, murderer, rapist and a thief.

I think he was worse than Adolf Hitler. His statutes should all be broken down and all streets named after him be denounced. As an African writer, I feel very privileged to write this article, because no Belgian journalist would have written it, since there isn’t any true journalism is Belgium. The truth must be spoken, because it’s the only light which can conquer or overcome darkness.

 Congolese holding the wrist of his child, children victims of amputation and a father sitting and watching the hacked wrist and foot of his child. Photo credit: History photos. Excerpts from the book 'Little Boygium-Wonderful Experience.'


Belgium is one of the smallest countries in Western Europe, but every politician knows the difficulty in governing this country, because of political and ethnic differences. The enmity between the Dutch-speaking Flemings in the north of the country and the French-speaking Walloons in the south once left the country without government for 541 days.
Bridging the division between the country's linguistic groups hasn’t been easy, but things are getting more complicated, because of the ideology and philosophy of one particular person, the New Flemish Alliance Party leader, Bart De Wever. The mayor of Antwerp wants to divide the country because of the rich north and the poorer southern regions of the country. This meaningless  and selfish ambition reminds me of Nigeria, which similar incidence led to the civil war between Nigeria and the Biafra.
I know that there wouldn’t be a civil war in Belgium, as politicians and entire Europe would not let this to happen but many including the Secretary of State for Asylum, Immigration and Social Integration Maggie De Block, is against the splitting of Belgium. A country’s national resources are distributed equally to develop both poor and rich regions. Division causes more problems and may plunge the country into deep economic crisis.
In a recent interview with ‘La Libre Belgique’ the popular Open VLD politician expresses her sentiment and dislike over the idea of Bart De Wever splitting Belgium. "I want a strong Flanders in Belgium, and a strong Europe. I feel proud as Fleming, but also as Belgian and European."  The Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration indicates that the future of the Flemings is located in Belgium, therefore "Splitting is a bad idea."   
The Open VLD politician said Bart De Wever has his ideas, which cannot be changed, she respects his ideas but “We must stand up for our own and do not compete with others."   Maggie De Block further expresses her concern over the constantly changing attitude of Bart De Wever.  That is very true. A man like Bart De Wever, mind can never be stable. I wonder if he has been sleeping well.
As a witness to Belgium’s political events for the past thirteen years, I see past political upheavals as just the tip of the iceberg. More threatening political problems are under until the linguistic differences are solved on common ground. As for Bart De Wever, he should be careful what he wishes for, because the mouth which said “Hosanna! Hosanna! Here comes Christ the Redeemer, was the same mouth which said crucify him. The people who are encouraging him to pursue that division ambition, would be the same people who would turn against him when his political days’ turn to darkness.


Reading romance novel has never been my priority, despite my immense appetite to read, especially non-fiction books. Again, I always feel that reading romance books will be very boring, since I love practical when it comes to love issues. Oh! Yes, I don’t waste time. But when I started reading ‘The Submission of Giuliana,’ I realized I have wasted many years by avoiding romance books.

The book psychologically stole my emotions and felt like engaging myself in similar act. What a temptation? For some few minutes I gave myself a pause, because I don’t want to be in a state as a wishful thinker, but just after couple of minutes, I grabbed the book again. It seems I’m already addicted to it.

Rosalind Scarlett writes “His face contented, his hands went to my breasts, kneading them as he watched me work myself into a new fever atop his cock. His eyes glimmering, he pulled me forwards and took a breast into his mouth, suckling upon it as he thrust himself under me while I was stuck immobile.

I closed my eyes to enjoy the feeling of the sensations he was creating in my body. He leaned back again, his eyes still on me and I sat up and moved myself back and forth along his cock so that the pressure of him stimulated my clitoris as well as the spot near the front of my inner wall.

The sensations within me were building beautifully and soon my eyes were rolling back into my head, my body being overtaken by another orgasm, this one not as powerful as the first, but rather a succession of gently rolling waves of pleasure coursing through every fiber of my being. I moaned weakly, my body drifting away as though on a cloud as it seemed to go on forever and ever.”

This book can heal or restore broken relationships or relationships steering to a wrong place. It can also enhance relationships for loving couples. It’s beautifully written novel which has encouraged me to read other romance books, I will therefore put this book in the category of 5 star.


In every society there are good and bad people. It exists also in the publishing industry. There is crime and fraud everywhere, because the lazy wants to be rich equally like the hard worker. 

There are some bad publishers which have built modern websites in pursuit of new writers, who aren't aware of their criminal activities and background to prey on. Two of such publishers are 'Dorrance and RoseDog.' 

They say "Birds of the same feathers flock together." There is ample truth in this saying, since 'Dorrance and RoseDog publishers are under one management. As amateur writer, I failed to do my research and the criminal history of Dorrance Publishing eluded me.

I paid a whole sum of $3,225 for the publication of two books and they failed to publish even one book, after the six months they agreed on the contract. At the same time they were forcing me to finish up the payment of the second book.

I disagreed, because they failed to publish the first book within the six months they promised. My failure to yield to their demand provoked them to the extent that, they held my books hostage and denied me every communication.

After six weeks without any communication, I had no choice than to look for another publisher to publish my books on print on demand package. When Dorrance and RoseDog publishers saw that the books they held hostage had successfully come out through a new publisher, they wrote to me of broken the contract and forfeited my money.

Is these publishers highly recommended? Certainly not. They are simple criminals. Mr. Andrew R. Rouce is under Dorrance Publishing, while Ashley Augsten is under RoseDog Publishing. The crime these two publishers have committed with impunity would haunt them for the rest of their lives.

The only thing I can do to help other upcoming authors is to use this medium to warn anyone not to fall into their traps. The negative comments on the internet over Dorrance Publishing, are too numerous to count, including non-payment of royalties. 

Please let's all of us come together to fight such crimes in the publishing industry, to create a better world for upcoming authors. 

SUICIDE: Is that the ultimate remedy for life turmoil?

How would you feel as parents, when the police come knocking at your door, to tell you that “Your son committed suicide this morning on his way to school?” I don’t think any parent love to hear this, yet many receive reports about suicide in their homes daily. The rate of teen suicide is abnormal, leaving indelible scars on families as they try to recover.

According to teen suicide awareness statistics, every year there are approximately 10 youth suicides for every 100,000 youth, approximately 11 suicides everyday and a person under twenty-five commits suicide in every two hours and eleven minutes. 

Fortunately, many suicide victims survive to share their stories, with little help to stop those who have decided not to live any more.

What is the force behind this alarming rate of teenage suicide? The world is constantly changing from bad to worse, as we live in an environment plagued by diverse problems and sufferings. 

The present generation teenagers are stubborn, brazenly challenging every authority including parents. Many of the youths were raised in an environment of drug violence and abuse homes, significantly affecting their upbringing.

At school students keep on bullying other students, throwing food at them if they look different from other students. Continually facing this problem daily, one is quickly driven to depression when he can’t take it any longer. Other factors which have increased youth suicide are death of a loved one, serious illness, loss of hope, intense emotional pain, bitter parents’ divorce, victim of rape and other psychological problems.

Whatever problem one faces, is it right to commit suicide? As an African, I feel very comfortable when I take some few things from that continent to share. Despite the daily struggle, ethnic conflicts, corruption, sicknesses etc; suicide is rare in Africa. Teenagers do not commit suicide. Why? Because the Holy Bible the white man brought to Africa to deceive our ancestors, has saved Africans from that abominable act, while in Europe and America only few know the significance of the Holy Bible.

Abraham Lincoln said "Train up a child in a way that he should go, and he will not depart from it.” This great quote reminds parents of their responsibilities as mothers and fathers in bringing up children. Hundreds of teenagers smoke, because their parents smoke. You can’t tell fourteen year old child not to smoke, whilst the parents smoke heavily. 

The hospital is there to solve many health problems but sometimes a prayer is the right step to both psychological and spiritual healing.

Many teenage suicides could have been prevented if parents take interest to provide help, talk to their children to know what is really bothering them and to find immediate solution.