‘Crazy World’ : Lucky Dube’s music is rapidly revealing violence and killings in today’s racially violent world

What Sort Of World Are We Inviting Our Children Into?

“Everywhere in the world, people are fighting for freedom, nobody knows what is right, nobody knows what is wrong. The black man says it’s the white man, the white man says it’s the black man. Indians say it’s the coloreds, coloreds say it’s everyone,” sings South African reggae legend, Lucky Dube, in a racial tension song called ‘War and Crime.’

This is a perfect song that lyrics describe the events of today’s racial chaotic world in Europe and America. The world is increasingly becoming so dangerous that we need to ask ourselves: What sort of world are we inviting our children into? And what sort of future are we building for them in this racially bitter society?

Years after slavery, the relationship between African-Americans and Americans remain very poor. After the 1992 riots in Los Angeles, in regards to Rodney King, many thought things will improve but recent shootings of police officers to death, evidently reveals that there isn’t any imminent peace near between African-Americans and Americans. “How long is this gonna last, cause we’ve come so far so fast,”- asked Lucky Dube, the South African reggae legend.

Lucky Dube continued “I’ m not saying this because I’m a coward, but I’m thinking of the lives that we lose every time we fight. Killing innocent people, women and children yeah,” reflecting on last week’s events of the senseless massacre of innocent people in Nice, France, as a truck plowed through Bastille Day crowd, killing 84 people, including children.

Nice, France, as a truck plowed through Bastille Day crowd, killing 84 people, including children. Two young women laying flowers for the victims.

Children are usually caught up in racially motivated crimes and violence, yet they are not responsible for any of them. But many times influenced by the crimes surrounding them and what they watch on the television, they grow up to be racists and criminals. 

Actually, a child is never born a racist, adults, and harsh environmental experience influenced them.
World leaders, schools, and parents have a huge task  to create a happy and safe environment for our children: “We should bury down apartheid, racism, discrimination and fight down war and crime,” Lucky Dube advised.


Queen Mathilde of Belgium unfollowed me on Twitter yesterday because she couldn’t stand the truth. With the Belgium government and the minister of Justice, Annemie Turtelboom, they all support crime. In Brussels stands a statue of Leopold II, after killing 10 million Africans, including women and children, yet there is no statue of Hitler for committing a similar crime.  Bye-Bye Queen Mathilde.

“I will not accept even one million Euros bribe from anybody to stop exposing your dirty and bloody hands”- Joel Savage

About six month months ago, Belgium Queen Mathilde followed me on Twitter. I guessed, she has been reading my articles. I have said it many times that I didn’t come to Belgium to praise their chocolates and beer but to expose their crimes, those crimes that their incompetent journalists wouldn’t like to write about.

Just in imagine, a country that is fighting hard against crime, including terrorism, yet in the same country stands a statue of a king who killed over ten million Africans including women and children. Who in his or her right mind will do such a thing? It’s only the Belgian government and the heartless Royal Family that can do such an abominable act.

In Belgium are thousands of journalists that claim they have studied to the university level, yet no one has guts to write about the hidden and supporting crimes of the Belgian government and the Royal Family. I took it as a responsibility, using my blog to send the message to readers and my followers on all the popular social media and it worked.

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The miracles of Jesus are an expression of the love of God for all of us: Photo credit: http://www.godisreal.today/pictures-of-jesus

"If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of them when he comes in his Father's glory with the holy angels." 

Jesus made this statement several years ago because he knew it will happen. It takes courage to speak about the gospel in today's society because people begin to look at you in a strange way as if you have lost your mind.

There are churches all over Europe and America but in Britain many have been converted to drinking pubs and the few left are completely empty every Sunday because many are not interested to listen to the gospel.

Many pastors have lost vision and gone astray leaving the sheep scattered, yet we blame everyone for decay of the society which has affected many including our children.

A lot of children lack good training because they didn't get the chance to learn about the gospel to educate them since their parents also lack the knowledge of the gospel. The reason many children can't be controlled. 

Years after passing through horrible situations those who can't handle it any longer crave for suicidal tendencies, yet there is always a solution for teenagers finding themselves caught up in difficult situations but the help always comes too late. 

Parents shouldn't feel embarrassed to talk to their children about the gospel. It's great to know Jesus.  He promised “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."


Life is happiness, not a burden if make good use of it

Life always has a story to tell. As children before adulthood, we were fortunate that our parents toiled for us in both hard and unique ways. But do we sometimes take into consideration how our parents suffered for us to give them the respect and love they deserve?

Well, many had it rough in life because they were neglected by their parents, yet be thankful to God, because that bitter experience of neglect gave you the courage and motivation to carry on daily in life and that will and determination you embraced were the keys which shaped, molded and educated you to success.

We are positive because we believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. We are hopeful because life never stops dreaming of wonders in spite of the blunders.
She sings of happiness because there is always someone out there at any moment who loves you., who prays for you, who wants to thank you for something, or because you played a significant role in their life.

Thus; it is only proper that you live purely, patiently and peacefully. Free yourself from slavery of ‘fitting in,’ for you are more blessed than you look, more amazing than you appeal, more intelligent than you sound, more spirited than you seem and exquisitely precious than you think.

You are God’s masterpiece, rise to every occasion. As a gift to the world, refresh our sensations. If anyone misunderstands you, let them wallow in their ignorance, for to be great is to be misunderstood. That’s part of life if you fully understand the aspects of life.