‘The Red Devils’ is not a good name for Belgium national team

‘The Red Devils’ is not a good name for Belgium national team

“I am not saying that the team should be called ‘White Angels or Leopold II Stars.”

A decade ago, at Mortsel, a community within the Province of Antwerp, I asked a Belgian, the reason the country’s national team is called ‘The Red Devils,’ because there are thousands of good names to be given to a football team.

I made it clear to him that Belgium national team deserves a better name, not ‘The Red Devils,’ because they are all perfect gentlemen and none of them looks like the devil. He looked at my face and asked: Are you religious?

Even though the colour red is very attractive, it is associated with danger, caution or warning and the devil is defined as a dangerous person or an evil being, often represented in human form but with a tail and horns. What the devil likes is to destroy, the reason all the society ailments, including crime, rape, murder etc, are blamed on the devil or Satan.

I guessed the one who named Belgium national team ‘The Red Devils, took the pride of the destruction of the devil into consideration, and envisaged his country’s team to ‘destroy’ or defeat any team that comes their way, but has the Red Devils ever won any major tournament? 

I don’t know the soccer history of the ‘The Red Devils’ but in Belgium for over sixteen years, that team has made me more miserable than putting happiness on my face.

There is power in names but in a society that many thrive to be rich and go after material things, the spiritual aspect or impact of names on people are often ignored. Why are many people called Mary or Maria? Because she was Jesus’ mother, but hardly you’ll see someone called Jezebel, because she was one of the evilest women in the bible.

Thus, if no one wants to name her daughter Jezebel because of her devilish acts leading to her death and dogs eating her body, why then a team should be named ‘Red Devils?’ I am not saying that the team should be called ‘White Angels or Leopold II Stars.’

In the first place, angels don’t play football and the latter, his ghost is on the wanted list in Africa for committing crime, but all that I am saying is ‘Red Devils’ is really a bad name for a team if the country wants the team to excel, because the ‘Red Devils’ have disappointed and given many Belgians, including me heartaches. 

The team comes home empty-handed in every tournament just like the devil loses to Jesus always. Some time ago, the national airline of Belgium, Sabena, was changed to SN Brussels. The time is running out, Belgium should consider changing the national team’s name too if they want to reach the top.

Physically and spiritually the devil can’t win because a good name is more desirable than great riches; and to be esteemed is better than silver or gold. Proverbs 22: 1.


Heineken beer: One of the poorest beers in the world but a good promotion has made it famous than any Belgium beer.

Why Holland’s Heineken, Is One Of The Poorest Beers In Europe, But Internationally Known Than Any Quality Beer In Belgium?

This is a humor story created by the writer, even though there are genuine facts.

Both Holland and Belgium have customs they have been following for decades and made names for themselves in producing certain quality products. Apart from the coffee shops selling drugs to customers, with impunity and the tradition of eating a soured raw herring ‘fish), Holland’s Heineken beer has increased the fame of the country, making it one of the most tourists attraction centers in Western Europe, especially in Amsterdam.

This is where the story begins: Is it a concern to people or the Belgians, to find out the reason Belgium is one of the world’s leading producers of quality beer, yet the fame in that production is completely buried or lost? 

Yes! Beer experts can tell you that Belgium brews over more than twenty quality beers, including La Chouffe, Corsendonk Peter Noster, Leffe, Delirium Tremens, Gouden and De Koninck, yet Heineken, a beer produced in Holland, which lacks quality standards, (if compared to Belgium’s beer) is known throughout the whole world, leaving Belgium’s quality beers far behind.

Have you ever heard of this slogan in the field of advertising? “A quality product doesn’t need any advertisement.” Since Belgium believe they produce quality beer, they relaxed, slept and made merry around their products, without making any effort to sell or promote it. 

They were dwelling on miracles to sell the beer because there is a street in Antwerp called ‘Jezus Straat’ (Jesus Street). It is true that out of compassion Jesus turned water to wine, but to sell Belgium’s quality beer wasn’t in his diary.

While the Belgians were fast asleep, dreaming of miraculous sales of their quality beers and wake up during the day busy building statues and naming streets after King Leopold II, a king that killed and maimed over ten million Africans in Congo, when there is no statue of Adolf Hitler, for killing six million Jews, Holland is actively engaged in seeking international market for their poor Heineken beer. Today Heineken is one of the famous beers in the whole world.

In Africa, we used to say that ‘Kwesi Buronyi Ye Ayen,’ meaning the White man is a witch, in the sense that they use that witchcraft to develop their country, while African witchcraft destroys. But believe me, if there is witchcraft for destruction, it doesn’t only exist in Africa, because the continent suffered the witchcraft destruction in underdevelopment, slavery, looting and killings in the hands of Europeans and kings like the Butcher of Belgium, King Leopold II.

La Chouffe is one of Belgium's quality beers, but its fame buried forever

A mind or a country full of hatred, racism, and discrimination never progresses. That’s the situation in Belgium. Despite the racial problems worldwide, the Dutch gets along nicely with the Suriname, Curacao, Antillean etc, thus; you can see that Holland is more developed and better integrated than Belgium.

The Flemish finds it hard to cooperate with the Walloon, let alone a Congolese or an African.  If Bart De Wever, the mayor of Antwerp, wants the Flemish to be an independent state from Walloon, in such a small country, signifies lack, of proper union and integration.

Finally, how can Belgium establish its name firmly in the world’s beer book, as the leading producer of quality beer to beat Holland? That can never happen because Holland’s Heineken beer is even available at the remote part of Africa, where there is no electricity. Above all, a  bad character that doesn’t change is like a car’s flat tire, it doesn’t move, it always stays at the same place.


African leaders: Have they forgotten their responsibilities as leaders?

African leaders: Have they forgotten their responsibilities as leaders? 


I begin this article by defining democratic leadership as the government of the people by the people participating in the governance of their territory of given areas. (Thus, in my opinion), the democratic leadership style is a very open and collegial style of running a team. 

Ideas move freely amongst the group and are discussed openly. Everyone is given a seat at the table, and discussion is relatively free-flowing. The democratic leadership style is essentially a mode of leadership that is found in participative management and human resources theory. 

This article will seek to explore the essence of democratic leadership and will, among other things, outline the advantages of democratic leadership, the disadvantages of democratic leadership, and the function of the democratic leadership council and provide democratic leadership. 

The definition of democratic leadership from an organizational standpoint involves the redistribution of authority and power between managers and employees to provide employee involvement in the process of decision making.

This style is needed in dynamic and rapidly changing environments where very little can be taken as a constant. In these fast moving organizations, every option for improvement has to be considered to keep the group from falling out of date in Africa to keep the continent in order.

The democratic leadership style means facilitating the conversation, encouraging people to share their ideas and then synthesizing all the available information into the best possible decision. The democratic leader must also be able to communicate that decision back to the group to bring unity the plan is chosen. 

In Africa, this is very vital in order to put the region in first class government so that people of the region will participate fully in leadership and will enable to checkmate corruption more the leaders of Africa nation.

When situations change frequently, democratic leadership offers a great deal of flexibility to adapt to better ways of doing things. Unfortunately, it is also somewhat slow to make a decision in this structure, so while it may embrace newer and better methods; it might not do so very quickly. 

Democratic leadership style can bring the best out of an experienced and professional team. It capitalizes on their skills and talents by letting them share their views, rather than simply expecting them to conform and also it can destroy corruption in Africa leadership.

If a decision is very complex and broad, it is important to have the different areas of expertise represented and contributing input – this is where democratic leader shines and will bring wise men to rule Africa not this milked brain leader that has been used by white corrupt and selfish colonial masters to steal our natural resources to white men land. 

Therefore, if we the African people have good complex and broad leaders in Africa region this corruption in Africa would have been things of the past, Africa will be for what God naturally made it for, Africa by nature is a cultured place where norm and value both respect and sincerity is our nature in our blood corruption is not part of us.

Good fit for Africa Democratic Leadership:

  • Creative groups (advertising, design): ideas need to flow in creative environments to find create new concepts and designs.
  • Consulting: when paid to explore problems and find solutions, your role will be to explore the possibilities in depth, and that means there has to be a great deal of exploration and open discussion.

  • Much of the Service industry: new ideas allow for more flexibility to changing customer demands.

  • Education: few places need to be open to different ideas than education, both by educators and their students.
MERIT OF Democratic Leadership:

  • Creative groups (advertising, design): ideas need to flow in creative environments to find create new concepts and designs.

  • Consulting: when paid to explore problems and find solutions, your role will be to explore the possibilities in depth, and that means there has to be a great deal of exploration and open discussion.

  • Much of the Service industry: new ideas allow for more flexibility to changing citizens demands.
  • Education: few places need to be open to different ideas than education, both by educators and their students.
How to be effective in this position:

  • Keep communication open: If the marketplace of ideas is going to be open for business, everyone needs to feel comfortable enough to put their ideas on the table. The democratic leadership style thrives when all the considerations are laid out for everyone to examine.

  • Focus the discussion: It’s hard to keep an unstructured discussion productive. It’s the leader’s job to balance being open to ideas and keeping everything on-topic. If the conversation begins to stray, to remind everybody of the goals on hand and then steer it back. Make sure to take note of off-topic comments and try to return to them when they are pertinent.

  • Be ready to commit: In the democratic leadership style, you get presented with so many possibilities and suggestions that it can be overwhelming and difficult to commit. But as the leader, when the time comes, you have to choose and do so with conviction. The team depends on the clear and unambiguous mandates to be committed.

  • Respect the ideas: You and your team might not agree with every idea, and that’s ok. It is important, however, that you create a healthy environment where those ideas are entertained and considered --not maligned-- or the flow of ideas will slow to a trickle.

  • Explain, but don’t apologize: You want the advocates of the solutions that were not selected to understand that their thoughts were considered and had validity, but that ultimately you had strong reasons to go a different direction. It’s important that the decision is communicated, but you should not apologize for deciding on what you think is the right decision.


Democratic leadership can sometimes come across as being indecisive, in certain situations, especially during a crisis, leaders must be very directive and democratic leaders do not function well in an authoritarian role, in the midst of a crisis , no time is usually available to address everyone concerned.

The problems of Africa leaders

One of the problems I found out in Africa leaders in the region is the selfishness of our leaders in which many of them want to acquire all the wealth of their nation and also cage their citizens in a mess of poverty, this poverty makes the citizens turn their slave which they used anyhow they want . 

Even during election whether the citizen’s vote or not they will still manipulate their self to the sit or government power, the case of Nigeria 2002. Many other Africa countries are in the same mess like Togo, South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda and so on.

Most of Africa leaders are highly corrupt in all areas both monetary and misuse of power while in office and many government establishments are corrupt, for instance, if you look for an employment in the government established industries you will not secure it without bribery. 

Sometimes the white leaders team up with corrupt people in Africa to lead Africa nations in order to manipulate Africa resources and invent diseases into Africa. In Nigeria, 2015, ex-president Goodluck Jonathan was a force out office via America cabals, that's the reason Nigeria is in mess now on her economy and other security challenges .

I think African leaders should stop relying on white leaders for the development of Africa region and use what they have to get any kind of development they want in their nations, it is high time Africa leaders look inward to develop their regions. 

Africa is blessed with human and material resources to develop their regions because development started in Africa, Africans think back because there is a saying in my place that said that if you did not know where you are coming from you will not know where you are going, let Africa leaders practice what they preach to their citizens.

Africans arise and say no to corrupt Africa leaders and let us build a united Africa nation and fight against corruption. Africa leaders have to use Africans to develop Africa because our land is really blessed with human power, resources, and intellectuals to handle Africa developmental problems both in human and technologies to derive Africa great.

Africans most stop collecting money before you vote for election so that they will bring good leaders that have their citizens at heart and leaders with lion heart to face the white leaders. We need to establish a union or group that will train young Africans that will take over leadership in the region of Africa.

Africans should look for a way to give scholarships to Africa citizens to study the history of Africa and Africa oldest style of leadership within Africa universities and outside some country of Africa history. Our thinking toward fellow Africans needed to change their negative attitudes toward each other in spite of where we come from or the tribe we belong in order to achieve collective goals and results.

The negative perception of African leaders needs to change to a better life of Africans as citizens and leaders should truly face leadership trend in the region in order to bring out the best in Africa nation. Black is gold. Black is always brother’s keeper right from history.

One of the problems I found out in Africa leaders in the region is the selfishness of our leaders in which many of them want to acquire all the wealth of their nation and also cage their citizens in a mess of poverty, this poverty make the citizens turn to their slave which they used anyhow they want . please read it now, (it was error of commission)

 Biography of the writer Eric Onyebuchi

Eric Onyebuchi was born in Lagos State and after his father falls sick, he relocated to a small village called Effium, in Ebonyi State Nigeria on December 6, 1984. He went to community center school from 1991 to1996, after which he attended Effium high school from 1996/97 till 2002.

In 2004, he received his certificate from the National Examination Council (NECO) at Community Secondary School Mbeekeishieke, for his senior school certificate in Ebonyi State.

Although Eric Onyebuchi is a friendly and happy person he became a 'drop out' of school because his national certificate in 'Business Administration and Management' was withheld due to unpaid school fees. Due to this incidence, he didn't get admission into the Federal Polytechnics Oko Anambra State Nigeria.

Notwithstanding, he urgently wants to be admitted, after collection of his certificate, he would like to obtain his Bachelor's on economics so that he will move into politics. That's Eric's dream when he walks  on that small community road in Oko Anambra State. 

The road he used to walk on for brainstorming and writing some of his heart warm quotes. Eric is the eldest boy of  two boys from hardworking parents who try to deal with every difficult life with one main goal only; 'To educate their children.'

After his father, who was a factory worker in Lagos, fell sick and lost his work because of his illness, Eric moved to his village.
Through the help of his mother who was a farmer in the village, and the love a mother has for her child Eric had a successful education. 

Eric started some little jobs to enroll in polytechnic. In fact, life wasn't easy for him but his dream to become a Nigerian leader one day to fight corruption never disappeared. His questions are: “Why are African leaders not ready to develop Africa? Again,  “Why corruption became such a criminal part of the politicians' blood?”

Therefore Eric's dream to cope with widespread corruption throughout Africa still stands tall in his heart because of his background. Besides that, can an empty stomach go to war without food?

In 2008, Eric went to work with 'Chinees Facility Company'  in Ikorodu Lagos State, before enrolling in federal polytechnics in Oko Anambra State Nigeria.

At this very moment, he is managing a little business in order to get his national degree in 'Business Administration and Management'. 

Eric Onyebuchi's belief in 'Oneness Forever' never left him. He is convinced that God is black from the beginning and the ultimate fact that civilization started from Africa strengthens him. 

Yes, GOD started His work in Africa, and together with Him, he believes in making Africa great and forever green. His thoughts about the fact that evil white men do not want to see Africa's progress, is at foremost necessary to form a group around African nations in order to work together. 

African nations have to find a way to get together because  the 'Oneness of African leaders' will be the ultimate weapon that can and will be used to fight this corruptive African mess without the interference of white rulers.

And Eric Onyebuchi wants to be one of that newborn African leaders. The view of these NEO African leaders has to change Africa towards a prospective life of Africans as world citizens. Leaders should truly face leadership trend in the regions in order to bring out the best to Africa nations. 

Black is gold and Black, with a capital letter, is always brother’s keeper right from history and it isn't a coincidence that GOD started His work in Africa by creating black from the same ultimate beginning of mankind.

Yes, Eric Onyebuchi from Nigeria West Africa is a great and proud son of that spiritual African soil. His belief in himself and what God will use him to do in the world inspires him. Eric never will surrender no matter how tough roads look like, he will fight on. 

It is his goal to make the circle round for the African future of the African youth and bringing the continent to the top of among the continents.

Eric Onyebuchi's facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/eric.onyebuchi.5


Are blacks important when it comes to politics in America? Hillary Clinton, Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

There was a time in America the black man can't vote, in the public transport he has to stand for the white to sit down, while he is deprived of many things because of his colour.

Racism was so strong that the Ku Klux Klan were happy to be recognized as a hate group. Hanging and the lynching of black people occurred repeatedly with impunity because the colour is considered inferior.

Like a movie, blacks are killed daily. In fact, it's easy to see the body of a black on the streets of America shot by the police than a white American, so I am now wondering why all of a sudden America politicians are now using the people they once rejected and ignored to solicit for votes?

African-Americans like native Africans had suffered a great deal. They didn't call for slavery but greed and cheap labour America and Europe wanted so much inspired them to invade Africa and captured Africans across the Atlantic to Europe and America as slaves.

Many believe that slavery still exists in many ways after the abolition but the question is: Does it also exist in politics? The recent images of Hillary Clinton with BeyoncĂ© and her husband Jay-Z  is another evidence of how black people are used by some politicians and then later the police assassin bullets turn on them.

Just imagine the nature of America's politics now. It's in a complete crisis that many don't even know what comes tomorrow. Hypocrisy, blackmailing, witch hunting and other criminal activities, are now what America's politics are made of. 

If 'Black Lives Matter' in America, it should have been the task of every American, including Hillary Clinton to show it but not Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi or Patrisse Cullors. Thus, in my opinion, Hillary Clinton depending on black celebrities for votes is pure hypocrisy and fake. There is no love behind this.

I live in Belgium. There is no statue of Adolf Hitler because he killed six million Jews but there is a statue of Leopold II because he killed over ten million Africans, including women and children. Many American politicians visit Brussels, none has told the Belgian government to demolish it.

Respect is not a commodity sold at the supermarket. So if Africans and African-Americans want to be respected they should begin to think and do everything as human beings. That will break free the psychological chain still holding many people.

African-Americans can forget everything but they shouldn't forget this story. Her name was Henrietta Lacks, but scientists know her as HeLa. She was a poor black tobacco farmer whose cells taken without her knowledge in 1951—became one of the most important tools in medicine, vital for developing the polio vaccine, cloning, gene mapping, and more. 

Henrietta’s cells have been bought and sold by the billions, yet she remains virtually unknown, and her family can’t afford health insurance. 

Such an emotional story should be in the mind of African-Americans daily and ponder over it to determine if America really loves and cares about them or only when votes are needed in American politics.


Fortis Bank assisted a Belgian to steal the money an African deposited at the bank with impunity

Fortis Bank assisted a Belgian to steal the money an African deposited at the bank with impunity

In Belgium, many landlords like to rent their houses to foreigners because they find it comfortable to cheat them with impunity. 

They demand three months guarantee which is often deposited at the bank by the renter and tenant with both signatures confirming the deposit.

The significance of this deposit is be used for repairs should in case, any damage occurs if the tenant is ready to leave but on many occasions, landlords refuse to give the tenants the money even though there isn't any damage.

In the year 2002, Mr. Daniel Sackey rented an apartment from one Mr. Pingnet Ludo of Jaak Embrechts Straat 19, at Deurne, a community in Antwerp. 

According to the Belgium renting laws, a guarantee should be blocked in the bank and at the end of the contract, the guarantee can only be released with an agreement, signed by the tenant and the lessor.

A document with modification will not be accepted on the amount. By lack of an agreement the guarantee, can also be released by agreement after the lessor inspects his apartment.

"In the apartment, we had a problem concerning water bills and repairs which I deemed fit, I have been cheated upon for so long by Mr Pingnet Ludo over the years," said Mr Sackey.
"Through the negligence of Mr Pingnet my apartment was burgled by thieves when he gave the front door keys to my neighbours' acquaintance whom he has no knowledge of who they are."
After the break in of my apartment, the thieves made away with my laptop, camera, my car and many others thing including mobile phones, that case is also pending etc," said Mr Sackey.
Within the period of 5 years, Mr Pingnet refused to repair things in the house when something goes wrong. Once Mr Sackey asked him to enable the insurance company to take the repairs but he refused to obligate with his request.
Due to his attitude, not interested in solving the problems at the apartment, Mr Sackey decided to hold back some of the monthly rent and the yearly index which resulted in the exchange of letters, until he got the house inspection team from Antwerp to intervene, thereafter a date was fixed.

Unfortunately, that didn't help Mr Sackey. Mr Pingnet didn't carry out the repairs. He was successful to get away after the house inspectors came to see the problems in the house because he is a Belgian and they didn't do much because is an African living in that apartment.

Mr Sackey is aware of how a lot of Belgian landlords steal the guarantees or money deposited at the bank. Thus, immediately he went to the Fortis bank to check whether the guarantee is there. The bank official, Negra, asked Mr Sackey when the deposit was made at the bank.
Mr Sackey provided his identity card and the account number indicating the deposit of the amount. After a brief control, the Fortis Bank official told Mr Sackey that Mr Pingnet Ludo has claimed the money. 

How can money deposited in my name with my signature be claimed by someone else? Asked Mr Sackey. Mr Pingnet successfully prepared the document and signed as Mr Daniel Sackey to claim the blocked money and the one that assisted him to commit this crime was one Vicky Donckers. B 1976.0.

It was at the bank Mr Sackey detected that Mr Pingnet Ludo forged his signature and withdrew the money before the fixed date to move into the apartment in July 2002. Since all those years he was living in that apartment before the problems surfaced Mr Pingnet has already stolen the money deposited at the bank.

The Belgian landlords who usually do that to foreigners have a way to enjoy their criminal activities with impunity. Mr Pingnet has reported Mr Sackey to the police that he owes him but didn't tell the police the reason he has delayed in giving him his money.

Mr Sackey has to go to the police station to meet the head inspector Van den Broeck Sven and showed him the forged signature of Mr Pingnet but nothing was done in his favour. That is Belgium, a country I have been living in the past sixteen years, nothing is done in favour of Africans, thus, most of the landlords are criminals.

To what extent can a bank conspire or collaborate with someone to steal money which belongs to another person with impunity? This is possible in Belgium because the victim of the fraud is an African.

Mr Sackey pointed out to the bank official that it's a crime. The best way to defend is to attack. The bank official wouldn't accept their fault because they don't want to be responsible for the theft, so she picked up a quarrel with Mr. Sackey.

When Mr Sakey told her that she will inform the police, she accepted and urged him to do the report because she knew her country very well, nothing is done in favour of an African, more over the media will never publish his story.

There is a time for everything. A time to come into this world and a time to die. A time to be happy and a time to be sad. African- victims of such injustices have no power to prosecute them but a time will come when those people may meet their waterloo that may be a painful situation than what this poor African went through but they may never understand.
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