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"If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of them when he comes in his Father's glory with the holy angels." 

Jesus made this statement several years ago because he knew it will happen. It takes courage to speak about the gospel in today's society because people begin to look at you in a strange way as if you have lost your mind.

There are churches all over Europe and America but in Britain many have been converted to drinking pubs and the few left are completely empty every Sunday because many are not interested to listen to the gospel.

Many pastors have lost vision and gone astray leaving the sheep scattered, yet we blame everyone for decay of the society which has affected many including our children.

A lot of children lack good training because they didn't get the chance to learn about the gospel to educate them since their parents also lack the knowledge of the gospel. The reason many children can't be controlled. 

Years after passing through horrible situations those who can't handle it any longer crave for suicidal tendencies, yet there is always a solution for teenagers finding themselves caught up in difficult situations but the help always comes too late. 

Parents shouldn't feel embarrassed to talk to their children about the gospel. It's great to know Jesus.  He promised “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."


Life is happiness, not a burden if make good use of it

Life always has a story to tell. As children before adulthood, we were fortunate that our parents toiled for us in both hard and unique ways. But do we sometimes take into consideration how our parents suffered for us to give them the respect and love they deserve?

Well, many had it rough in life because they were neglected by their parents, yet be thankful to God, because that bitter experience of neglect gave you the courage and motivation to carry on daily in life and that will and determination you embraced were the keys which shaped, molded and educated you to success.

We are positive because we believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. We are hopeful because life never stops dreaming of wonders in spite of the blunders.
She sings of happiness because there is always someone out there at any moment who loves you., who prays for you, who wants to thank you for something, or because you played a significant role in their life.

Thus; it is only proper that you live purely, patiently and peacefully. Free yourself from slavery of ‘fitting in,’ for you are more blessed than you look, more amazing than you appeal, more intelligent than you sound, more spirited than you seem and exquisitely precious than you think.

You are God’s masterpiece, rise to every occasion. As a gift to the world, refresh our sensations. If anyone misunderstands you, let them wallow in their ignorance, for to be great is to be misunderstood. That’s part of life if you fully understand the aspects of life.


The Great Joseph Hill of the Group Culture

Once you are a music lover, especially Reggae, you will know who Joseph Hill is. He was the lead singer of the group popularly known as Culture. Joseph Hill was one of the talented early pioneers of reggae whose rich vocal and classic recordings made him one of the greatest reggae icons, along the line with Jimmy Cliff, Gregory Isaacs etc.

Apart from his masterful compositions and his invigorating  style of writing his songs,       the calm and humble  gentleman who inspired a lot of musicians, did what many world leaders tried and failed. In over three decades as a professional musician, Joseph Hill didn’t only sing as a peace maker but practically involved in seeking peace worldwide.

During the Israeli-Palestinian conflict  between the Jewish and Muslim populations inhabiting the lands covered by Israel, the West Bank, the Gaza strip and the surrounding Arab nations, both Israelis and Palestinians were killed in the fighting. All efforts by world leaders to stop this terrible conflict dating from the Biblical times were abortive.

Despite the mortar attacks and deadly missiles demolishing the Palestinian settlements and the killings, Joseph Hill bravely went to Israel promoting peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis. Mr Hill’s bold attempt was seen as  an ironic approach to world peace.

That wasn’t the end, after seeking peace in the Middle-East, Mr Hill visited Sierra Leone during the war. The forced recruitment of child soldiers by the Revolutionary United Front and the rebels’ atrocious behaviour against civilians killed thousands of Sierra Leoneans. The decade-long civil war left Sierra Leone flowing with blood and amputated hands and legs of victims when Mr Hill landed in Freetown the capital.

As soon as Mr Hill arrived in Freetown, he told the rebels “I will only go if you put down your gun.” The rebels quickly obeyed him and they lay down their guns. Afterwards, they sent a message to the president saying “You are lucky that Paa Joe Hill is in Freetown, else we shall destroy Freetown within 24 hours.”

A bad farmer quarrels with his tools but the hand of the expert produces fruits. Near the hotel Mr. Hill lodged in Freetown, was a tree. Every morning a bird comes to the tree. Out of the sound of the chirping bird, Mr Hill composed a song with it. Is it not amazing? It wasn’t surprised when Prime Minister Miller recognised him as “towering representative of our homegrown idiom, reggae.”

Born in the rural Jamaican parish of St. Catherine in 1949, Joseph Hill started his musical career in the late 1960’s as a percussionist. During the Rastafarian influence on reggae in the 1970’s, Mr Hill formed Culture producing more than 30 albums.

Two Giants Clash: Bob Marley and Joseph Hill

While on tour in Europe in the year 2006, Mr Hill suddenly fell sick and succumbed to his illness. His selfless sacrifice seeking peace worldwide and his ebullient musical achievements placed him in the history of reggae as a great artist.

The Ugly Truth About Mold Toxins Tied To AIDS Epidemic

Poisons produced by fungi that grow on moldy peanuts and corn may be worsening Africa’s AIDS crisis

Culled from The New York Times: By DONALD G. McNEIL Jr.

Aflatoxins — poisons produced by fungi that grow on moldy peanuts and corn — may be worsening Africa’s AIDS epidemic by helping suppress the immune systems of newly infected people, a new study has found.

The study, by researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and published recently in the World Mycotoxin Journal, measured blood levels of aflatoxins and H.I.V. in 314 Ghanaians who had never taken antiviral drugs.

The more aflatoxins they had, the more likely they were to have high blood levels of H.I.V. — even those with higher levels of CD4 blood cells, meaning they had not been infected long and were not yet eligible for triple-therapy cocktails under the latest World Health Organization guidelines.

The toxins, produced by aspergillus fungi that grow on damp grains, nuts and beans, are so common as to be almost unavoidable in humid climates, but so dangerous that federal law limits concentrations in food to 20 parts per billion. American peanut-butter makers are always on the watch for them. Ground peanuts are a staple food of West Africa.


To some people, lie is a perfume they need to use every day
The ‘Truth,’ is not a commodity sold at the shop, it’s just an act of not lying over something but giving the accurate account, yet only few can afford it and those that can afford often find themselves in a very tight corner not easy to free themselves.

In John chapter 8:32, Jesus said, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” How often do we ponder or reason over Jesus’ Biblical quotes? Jesus knows that the truth exists but people will never rely or depend on it.

The reason our society is tearing apart today because it’s in the hands of people under the influence of Satan, so the need to lie is necessary to please both Satan and the people they serve. And since many are not ready to be ‘ruled’ by the doctrine of the scriptures they join Satan’s company.

Romans 6:23, reveals that: “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” This means that death is inevitable because of our sinful nature, yet we need to live on the truth.

Speaking the truth at the moment is not only costly but deadly. Worldwide, many have been assassinated for speaking the truth over something head of churches, leaders and politicians wouldn’t like the public to know. Thus; instead of speaking the truth many prefer to lie.

Jesus knew already that physically the truth will not set you free, that freedom he was talking about was spiritual freedom. Just as He suffered for speaking the truth, the fear of speaking the truth haunts many people.

Who is ready to lose his friends, relatives and job because of truth? Who is ready to pass through the mental torture of neglect in the society because of truth? Finally, who is ready to face the hostile opposition and pure hate from an empire of deceitful enemies and brood of vipers because of truth? 

However, what many people forget is: Like a house that collapses because of its weak foundation, society can never thrive, prosper and be successful on a foundation of lies, hypocrisy and the persecution of those that live on the truth. You may think you are on top and successful, then suddenly you’ll see yourself once again at the same place you started. That is life, you can’t change that until you live clean.

And for those who are facing all kinds of intimidation, suffering and persecution because of truth, stand firm with endurance and perseverance. Even though the pain you are going through is hard to bear sometimes, yet be happy because of the truthful path you’ve chosen.

If those who live by the sword die by the sword and gun by the gun, then liars will not have a happy ending too because God hates lies.