Artwork by Ng'ang'a Ndeveni

There are many talented artists in Africa. One of them that works have reached far is Ng'ang'a Ndeveni, a member of the Akamba tribe of Kenya. 

A tribe well-known for their artistic talents. During his early days at school; Ndeveni interest grew tremendously in artworks. With his favourite tools, pen, and paper; he always put on the best sketches which caught the attention of his teacher to introduce him into art galleries in the city of Nairobi.

His combination of some of the highest-quality watercolors is not common within Kenya art circle. Later on, he started working with alternative mediums as well, like oils. 

However, he says of his own works, "Watercolors give me more satisfaction and joy, and the ability to put onto paper what is in my head. Every so often I visit game parks and my tribal homeland to refresh my memories and revive my inspiration.

His paintings are extremely beautiful He has participated in many exhibitions and now his paintings are in many art galleries on the internet. As one of the admirers of his paintings; I chose one of his works to decorate my blog.