'Undertaker' the mysterious wrestler

Some few weeks ago, after defeating Rey Mysterio, Mark William Gallaway, popularly known as "The Undertaker" appeared no more in the ring to wrestle. 

Later Theodore Long, the manager of Smack Down, announced that the Undertaker has been seriously attacked by unknown assailants and now in a vegetative state.

The news appeared to be true, firstly because the Undertaker failed to appear in the ring after his last fight with Rey Mysterio, and secondly the search of the culprits by his half-brother Kane, are enough to convince WWE fans that the reports are true than mere false.

Many said that the Undertaker is dead while others think the wrestler is still living. Because he is someone known to have faked his own death many times. 

But what makes this wrestler so special from other wrestlers? I have never ever seen a wrestler tough and brave in the history of WWE more than this fearful wrestler called "The Undertaker".

Many have tried to get a name for themselves at his expense and all have gone down the drain. His gimmicks, casket matches, hell in cell matches are frightening to watch. 

He has defeated many opponents than himself being defeated. Many are those that say that wrestling is fake. If you think is fake, then step into the ring with the Undertaker to taste the "tombstone piledriver".

It was announced last week that the Undertaker is coming back after his long absence from the ring and his first appearance will be at England. Now all WWE fans are waiting for his return. His impact on the WWE scene is awesome. 

The Undertaker is not only a professional, talented, brave and fearless wrestler but a legend of a wrestling hero.