Paul Gascoigne: A great footballer who couldn't free himself from alcohol

If Britain needs to educate the youths and alcoholics, against alcoholism, then Paul Gascoigne would be the best person to do this job. Experience is the best teacher they say. Paul has been in alcoholism before and now out of it. He has therefore acquired a certain experience he could use to help other people that alcohol is gradually taking its toll on them.

I quote "I could drink a bottle of whisky but give me six cans and I will be drunk.It was getting too much for me. I was trying to fill my days doing my dad's garden or things for my mum, playing football on the street with my nephews." That is an emotional speech of once one of  the best Britain's or probably the world's footballers, Paul Gascoigne. At his highest peak, this great footballer only problem was alcohol.

Paul Gascoigne couldn't leave alcohol alone, even though he knew alcohol and sports can't work together. Paul is quite happy about his present life after kicking away alcohol . He has just completed a three-month course at a Bournemouth centre. The course has brought his awareness to an understanding of how alcohol can destroy one's life.

Even though alcohol ruined the career of Paul Gascoigne prematurely, he still has a lot to do to help people that are trying to fight against alcoholism without success. Paul, I know that you can do it. Happy to see you once again in the news with the best solution to your life.