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"PLAN BELGIE" gives children from Third World Countries better chance and future through education

African children in the classroom

Every child has the right to be educated but in most Third World Countries, children have been denied the access to education, due to many problems ranging from poverty to child labour.

An independent organisation based in Belgium, that has taken a major step to seek better future through education for less fortunate children in Third World Countries, including Africa, is "PLAN BELGIE". 
Children at school in Africa

The organisation has qualified trained coordinators specialised in giving lessons to children that haven't any schooling experience in their lives to read and write.

Fabrice Lepla is one of the specialists of "PLAN BELGIE", dealing with education crisis in Africa and working towards quality education in those badly affected places. With many years of experience in the continent he explains "how in other continents, African countries have made progress, sometimes with huge success. For example in Burkina Faso, evolved the number of children attending school one-third from 2000 went to two-third in 2009".

In a few years time, several thousand schools were built. He stressed that however Burkina Faso is still behind in education like many other African countries. The explanation is simple: these countries are heading to a catastrophic situation. There are not enough buildings to accommodate all children. On the other hand, many schools do not always correspond to the expected quality criteria, dampening the enthusiasm of teachers, parents, and pupils.

"PLAN BELGIE" as a far as education is concerned, the support is enormous and with huge success for children across Asia, Africa, and South America. For more information on "PLAN BELGIE" surf to their website at

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