African leaders

Many people study politics at school. They are simply inspired to be politicians because they want to create or make a special contribution to the country they belong. Throughout history, some politicians have created and continue to create a good name for themselves by proving to be outstanding great leaders to their countries, because of their unique service for the people. The people first, that's the core of their engagement and service to their countries.

Unfortunately in Africa, the story is entirely different. Most politicians are inspired into politics by corruption. The heavy weight of poverty hanging on the Africa's continent creates a sort of barrier to prevent most African leaders to care for the welfare of the masses. They only see it as an opportunity to amassed wealth for themselves and their family, while the people suffer in poverty. Such leaders are extremely dangerous and often like to be in power as long as they wish or till death.

Many do ask, why  Africa continue to be poor when it has all the best natural resources? Is it because Africans are lazy? Is it because the leaders do not care to develop their countries? Like many developing and developed countries, there are both hard working class of people and lazy workers. But what has ruined Africa totally is the military. Lack of good leadership, experience and corruption have destroyed Africa without any remedy.

What makes some of the African leaders cling on to power at all cost? The answer is the same, 'Corruption.' After over 42 years in power, Moammar Gadaffi's iron-rule tragically came to an end this week. The question is, 'Do African leaders learn anything from such experience? 

Mugabe now joins the rank of Africa's aging authoritarians. Instead of stepping down, many African head of states walk in an embodiment of corruption till they meet their untimely death, but nothing lasts forever.