Health matters :How to enjoy a healthy Life through out your life Journey

Have you ever met someone between the ages of 50 to 60 years, without a single wrinkle on his or her face? If you try to find out the reason the person looks so pretty, beautiful, handsome, dynamic and attractive (without plastic surgery), the one can tell you the secret behind that healthy life.

In our past and present society, many think that a successful healthy life is to enjoy. In what way? Excessive drinking, smoking, going to night clubs and parties, prostituting and doing drugs. As a matter of fact, people that heavily hang upon such life entertainments, are rather inviting sickness and disease to take its toll on their health.

Some sicknesses, life turmoils and diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, stroke, depression, frustration and mental disorders can be prevented, but the lifestyle of people and what they eat turned their lives upside down with chronic health hazards deteriorating their physical beings.

The question is `why do people choose to bring misery on themselves and homes, by inflicting wounds on themselves knowing perfectly well the aftermath consequences? Excessive drinking and smoking can cause heart, kidney, and lung cancer, yet many people can`t avoid the temptation of these destructive elements.

Some people eat too much. They keep on eating unhealthy food until they start experiencing serious health problems. Being fat can keep one restless, not able to walk properly and the legs may likely get swollen because the weight of the body now gangs on your legs that  can`t carry the body`s weight any longer.

For a healthy living, free from ailments at a ripe age, people should avoid much alcohol, smoking, and excessive eating. Eating healthy food such as vegetables and fruits can keep one younger and strong than eating fast foods outside your home.