Teenage killer Shawn Tyson

Some killers are made and others are born. Teenager Shawn Tyson, as young as he is to commit such devilish act, without remorse, pity, sympathy and emotions evidently reveal what kind of a monster this teenager is. Killing two men at the age of sixteen. Who raised such a killer?

Money doesn’t grow on trees. One needs to work hard for it. Therefore, sheer wickedness to kill two innocent friends because of money. I don’t blame  him. I will always blame parents for such cases. A mother or father is the one that brings up a child. 

The parents are those that know who and what the child is. Parents shouldn’t bring a child into the world when they are not ready to raise the child in the right way.

It seems in the past years, Kenyatta, his mother was having problems with Shawn as a child. If Shawn doesn’t want to be corrected then there are many places or institutions that could help. Yet she left this stubborn child to choose his own course till murdering two innocent people. 

I don’t know what kind of a mother was Kenyatta to sit in the public gallery to watch her son jailed because the evil that Shawn did reflects on her. She didn’t bring up the child in the right way.

British tourists James Kouzaris and James Cooper in Florida pleaded for their lives, saying they had no money. They further pleaded that they were drunk and wanted to go home. The monster then said to them “well since you don’t have money, I got something for you”, then he shot the two friends and fled. Was he really looking for money or thirsty to kill? After all the wallets were found on them with some money in them.

It seemed as a teenager that’s all Shawn had wanted to do. To kill. He boasted to a friend after his heinous crime. He sits at the court without emotions. Yet many blacks accuse the police and the court for taking them to jail and produce the cheap labour they wanted so much. 

That’s absolutely nonsense. A child who doesn’t want to be corrected, to be at school, will end up in jail as a criminal. This is exactly what has sent so many blacks serving in prisons throughout America. They prefer to be gangsters and criminals than going to school. Idiots.

The pain and anguish Shawn Tyson had left the family of the murdered men are very hard to imagine. To take the life of someone is something unpardonable. "They had been given a life sentence when our sons were so brutally and needlessly taken from us." 

"Ours is a life sentence, with no chance of parole from a broken heart, and a shattered soul". Said the families of the deceased, showing their dissatisfaction. They wanted execution. The law has taken its course anyway. People like Shawn Tyson should be caged for life without seeing the sun and the rain.