A pretty lady

We often read a lot about how to be successful in dating a lady. Articles on how to get a woman of your dream, are all over the internet. The question is, do some of these tips given really help to have the best lady you ever wanted in your arms?

I'm not a casanova or a womanizer but frankly speaking, I have studied women to know what really attract them to date a man. Many men think that putting on best shirt, trousers, good tie to match, and stuffing wallets with a lot of money to impress, make them perfect gentlemen to attract a lady immediately.

You can be a perfect gentleman in your best clothes, but sorry to tell you that you will come home everyday from work, miserable like a church mouse, without any woman looking at you or turning down your offer to go out for a drink.

The worse of it all is when in best outfit, hoping to get a lady at a party or discotheque. You will be surprise to see a the common man in simple clothes or unkept hair (rasta) taking the most attractive lady away right infront of you.

Now let's talk about what ladies like most to see on men, they like to date. Don't be a talkertive and try to let women recognised you every time by talking too much. When you want to talk discuss about funny things and make a lot of jokes. Ladies like that.

Be simple, kind and respectful to ladies. Give them a help when you see them having tough time over something. They like men that are considerate and helpful. They can accept your help or reject it but don't let that put you off. Try it another time.

Don't dress too rich to impress a lady. Be simple and casual but let your shoes be a very good one. Because ladies like men in good shoes. Your shoes speak or introduce you to a lady. Have you ever heard "Repair your shoes for they speak about you?" Ladies hate men in worn out heel shoes. If you can't repair your own shoes, what's the quarantee that you will take good care of her?

Finally, never ever be shy when talking to a lady. Be bold, look into her eyes and speak to her. That conivinces a lady that you are bold and serious person. Never tell a friend to tell a lady that you like her. Do it yourself. When that happens, you are considered as coward. I have got mine. Goodluck to those trying.