There are many sicknesses which name quickly strike fear in people when mentioned. Apart from Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), Cancer has continuously put many people into mystery and fear. There are many cancer diseases but breast cancer is very common. Both men and women are often diagnosed with cancer but the rate of women with cancer is much higher than men.
According to medical research, one of every eight women expected to develop breast cancer during their lifetime. That means that at any age, whether young or old, one could easily get cancer. Further medical research reveals that cancer is hereditary, that is if it’s in the gene or DNA of your family one could easily get cancer.
Operations removing this deadly sickness from the breast are mostly successful but if the disease has spread badly, some people completely lose the entire breast. That is the sad aspects of the life for any victim of cancer. Some cancer is quickly detected others are not seen until its last destruction stages.
As cancer doesn’t discriminate the need to see the doctor as soon as one sees and feels any unfamiliar symptoms with his or her health is very necessary. Institutions must raise the awareness of breast cancer and the need to raise money to fight this disease is very necessary. Finally, survivors of breast cancer should share their experience to encourage other victims.