New Book- HEART OF ENDURANCE now out

Heart of Endurance' by Joel Savage. ISBN 978-1-62137-194-1. 90 pages.
The departure of her husband to Europe left Akua and her old son in a state of total darkness and solitary confinement. There   were rumours around the neighbourhood that her husband had abandoned her and married a White woman, as many Africans do in order to obtain documents in Europe and the United States of America.

A beautiful and charming woman, many men, including pastors who would rather succumb to sin than to resist temptation and adultery, tried to date her, making the already confused Akua plunge deeper into despair, insecurity and uncertainty. Eight years had already passed but her husband had yet to return home to her and their now nine-year-old son.

Nine years after physical and psychological torture, she happily united with her husband, but her life took an agonizing turn as she was diagnosed with an aggressive type of breast cancer, robbing her of her happiness, strength and time. Heart of Endurance reveals how Akua dealt with feelings of depression, loneliness and illness. An interesting book for both teenagers and adults.