Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DORRANCE AND ROSEDOG PUBLISHERS EXPOSED - Never be tempted to go into their net

Dorrance publishing is a criminal organization

Dorrance publishing is a criminal organization

Thanks to the media and the effectiveness of the internet, as a medium, to convey messages and warnings to people. As an amateur writer, with an ambition to publish my work, I made a grave mistake, which cost me over $3000, without the books. 

After finding the right publisher, through experienced writers and those associated with publishing, I am now happy and would like to publish my story, so that no one would ever make the mistake I did.

I saw a publisher called 'Dorrance' soliciting for manuscripts on the internet. Without much knowledge about their background as 'vanity or subsidy publisher' or 'Ghoul publisher' that is they don't feed on the dead, but the living, I gave them two manuscripts. 

There is no package on the website. They will tell you to make an initial payment of $500. After that comes the original package of $8.100, to be paid within a period of twenty-three months.

I wasn't happy about this. I, therefore, contacted a well known female expert in book publishing and she asked me to cancel the contract. She has a reason. According to her, what is stated in the Dorrance contract is never done. 

They only used it as a bait to lure or encourage the submission of manuscripts. Moreover, they don't even have shops to sell their books as vanity publishers.

I believed her. An associate of Dorrance called Mr. Andrew Rouce, whom I made the payment to, asked me to make an appointment online to speak to me. I followed his instructions and made the appointment, but no one called me. 

This is evidence number one of what kind of publisher Dorrance is, which the book expert was talking about.

My two manuscripts are already with Dorrance. After the cancellation of the contract of $8.100, Mr. Rouce introduced another publisher called 'RoseDog', to me. 

Both my two manuscripts were transferred to RoseDog publishers. After making a full payment of $2.155, plus $40 additional cost for the postage of three copies of books, the six months period the book supposed to come out, as said by Mr. Rouce had expired, yet I have paid $1.133 for the second manuscript.

They asked me to finish up the payment of the second manuscript and I said to them that it's not going to be possible since the first book which I have finished the payment hasn't come out, therefore there is no way I will continue paying for the second script. 

They were infuriated by my decision and they thought the best punishment for me was to take the book that I have finished its payment hostage.

They refused every communication with me. I was compelled to find another publisher and make another payment on print on demand (POD) contract. 

Dorrance received my cancellation of the contract letter and referred part of their contract to me as a breach and forfeited all the amount I have invested in my books.

I am not worried at all for losing this amount because I wouldn't have got anything as royalty from such a publisher. They are simply criminals within the publishing industry. Just imagine a publisher, requesting me to provide names of two hundred friends to buy my books. 

They wanted to make money again at my expense. The most important message, I want to convey to the public is "Dorrance and RoseDog publishers' are birds of the same feathers, flocking together, "PLEASE NEVER BE TEMPTED TO GO INTO THEIR NET".

You can read hundreds of negative comments about 'Dorrance' on the internet. If you, I and others will join hands together and campaign against such publishers, the publishing industry would be somehow better from frauds like that of Dorrance and RoseDog. 

Don't say that you don't care, because it didn't happen to you. It may happen to your brother, sister, neighbour or friend.

Just keep away from them. The comments of previous writers they had published their books and posted at their websites are all false. They use them to counter-attack the war against them as bad publishers.

I don't have anything to lose, therefore, the campaign against Dorrance and RoseDog, as criminals within the publishing industry will continue unabated.