Joseph Hill, lead singer of the group called 'Culture'

The group Culture, with lead singer Joseph Hill doesn't need to convince reggae fans worldwide, the show they can put up when it comes to performing live. The past thirty years, Joseph Hill's tunes against oppression, corruption, slavery, discrimination, racism, poverty, injustice and war, has won him an ovation, recognition and respect in the field of reggae globally.

On July 25th, 2004, at Gent, the artists programme reads that the group culture plays at 11pm till 1am. Before 10.30pm, the crowd have swelled up at both sides of the river banks, waiting to see Joseph Hill, "the humble African to cast one stone for world peace." At 11pm, Culture group wasn't on stage yet. The crowd became a bit nervous.

The message has already got in that the bus the group were travelling with from Germany to Belgium, had a mechanical problem on the way, which actually caused the delay. At 11.30pm, the stage is already set. From nowhere emerged Joseph Hill in military boots, ready for action. With happiness and joy, the crowd gave him a thunderous welcome. Joseph Hill backed by Albert Walker and Telford Nelson didn't delay at all to give the people what they want, taking most of the songs from "LIVITY LIVE CULTURE 98" album.

Tunes like "Love shines bright", "Mount Zion", "See dem a come", "Jah Rastafari", "Iron sharpeneth iron" and hosts of sweet melodious tunes that made the group what they are today. He was awesomely sizzling on stage and had fans screaming for more. There weren't enough places for the fans to dance, yet the music can't stop them from dancing their hearts out. After about an hour of continuous play, Joseph asked the crowd "Anyone who wants peace should raise up the hand"

Almost everyone responded positively. "I'm going to play "World Peace". He said. The title track of his new album released in 2003. A song Joseph is telling the world in a strong message that "We can't take another war, we want world peace". There were shouting and yelling which created a pleasant atmosphere of happiness for everyone. Joseph Hill retired an hour and half, after an amazing breathtaking performance.

But unbelievable, the possessed crowd wouldn't allow him to leave the stage. They yelled for more music. Joseph Hill would always do his best to entertain his fans. He took to the stage again and played three additional tunes. It was a natural instinctive feel when Joseph Hill thanked the fans for inspiring him to give them what they want.