Britain's Economic Crisis, will they get out of this disaster?

Beautiful London

Britain is a country known to adhere to special rules, regulations, principles, to be neutral, conservative and probably to be unique amongst other advanced countries in the world. The official reasons for staying out of the Euro-zone is a good example of what Britain stands for. 

In the first place, Britain should know best, united we stand, divided we fall. There is no way the economy will be successful with its single currency within the Euro currency zones.

From every angle, one could clearly see that the "imperial system of political ideas" in that country has taken its toll on them. In any crisis, people instead of finding an immediate solution rather want someone to accuse. 

Britain accused the United States, for this unprecedented economic setback, failing to realise that the country's economic woes were brewed by internal factors as well. Just imagine how advanced in auto technology is constantly shaping and changing this world but Britain is still driving and producing "Right Hand Steering Vehicles" in Europe. 

The type of vehicles Europeans and Third World Countries don't need. Even if they produce the right form of vehicles to countries that need them, it will still affect them in many ways because countries driving right are more than those driving left.

Teenage Pregnancy

Take for example, how could the economy of a country thrives, when teenagers ignore education and chose to be mothers instead? According to statistics, Britain has the highest percentage of teenage pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy has a great effect of the economy of every country. 

A brilliant child that pulls out of school because of pregnancy is a waste of human resource. It's very common to see  British teenagers speaking English but can't write. How can she write an application letter for a job, when she can't correctly spell words his or her own language?


Alcohol is another factor which has affected the health system of Britain's economy. The passion for alcohol in Britain is beyond cure. There is nothing that the British government can do to prevent or reduce the rate of alcohol consumption in that country, even if the price of drinks is raised. 

Alcohol and drug abuse are some of the factors linking to teenage pregnancy, therefore, the government needs to find solutions to these problems, else Britain will experience economic depression always no matter how good a politician is.

Discrimination in employment

Employment discrimination is another factor which has worsened Britain's economic crisis. Discrimination in employment takes place in Britain in many ways, against women, religion, race, and colour. 

Many qualified professional workers are denied jobs in Britain daily, because of the colour of the person, his or her religion or sex. Instead, they employ someone unqualified and lazy, because of the slogan "Our People First." Developments in such circumstances are never achieved or slow because of the inefficiency of production.

Lazy workers call for sick leave, stay at home for lengthy days without working, claiming benefits and other allowances, affecting the hard workers and taxpayers' money. Employment discrimination is somehow better in London and places with good integration. 

The worst place is the county of Dorset (Poole, Bournemouth, Christchurch) British Blacks and other foreigners are aware of that, that is the reason one can hardly see them in the neighbourhoods.

People actually enjoy Britain on a visit but I'm always sad whenever I'm in that country due to what I see. Almost on every street I see dozens of "pregnant men." Obesity is taking its toll on the health of the people but they simply don't care because food is delicious. 

When you talk about fashion, I think the worst dressed Europeans are the British. When one visits places like Italy, Germany, France and Belgium, you can see that they dress very well than Britain.

High Transportation cost

The cost of public transport in Britain is higher if compared with its European counterparts. Within the city of London, a short trip by bus costs £2. The ticket expires as one alights from the bus. In most of the European countries, for example in Belgium, a city trip by tram or bus costs one euro twenty cents (from the ticket machine) and one euro fifty cents (from the bus or tram chauffeur.) The ticket has an hour validity, in this case, one can join more than for four of five teams, depending on the length of the journey, until the ticket expires.

Despite all the harsh taxation system, property tax, congestion tax and other means of money collection, Britain is a restless country to live in Europe. This is an indication that capitalism has failed in Britain. 

The lazy man wants to live like the rich man and has the same thing like the rich man, the crime rate is increasing rapidly in Britain. God help the Scotland Yard. 

Until Britain's economy will come back to the right track, politicians in that country must be serious to find solutions to the aforementioned problems.