Early teenage lovers

Many couples seen with or without children friendship began at school as teenagers, before they married or settled together. In principle, it is always good for people to study and know each other very well, before entering into relations or love affairs.

Children and teenagers liberty in advanced countries can’t be compared to that of African children and teenagers. For example in Africa, children are severely punished when they do wrong, but in Europe or America, punishing a child could lead to many problems. One may even end up prison for punishing his son or own daughter.

The rate of divorce and separation is very high in advanced countries that I looked back to review why divorce is very low in Africa.   In Africa, it is a gross disrespect to parents when a sixteen-year-old child comes home to introduce his girlfriend or her boyfriend. However, in advanced countries, it is permitted.

Children as young as thirteen and fourteen indulged in caressing and kissing. This could go on until they go separate ways or settle. When they finally get married, the love isn't strong anymore as before, in this case, the marriage doesn't go far. Both have seen their nakedness too much when they were teenagers, to the extent that they don't value their precious bodies any longer.

Here the dignity and the worthiness of the woman have been neglected by the man. It is always the man that causes the breakup because he wants something new. A woman or man may find the real happiness in life, marriage, living together or in relationships, when they enter into love affairs as adults than as teenagers.

That is the reason in Africa, separation and divorce are less than in advanced countries. Europe, America, Japan, Korea and other advanced countries, are far ahead in development, education, and technology, comparing to Africa, yet the rate of divorce, separation and suicide is higher than Africa.

Smoking is like a fashion among teenagers in advanced countries when it’s less in Africa. Teenage pregnancy is booming in Europe and America while it’s less in Africa. It time for advanced countries to stop underestimating Africa and learn something from the continent.