There are many churches throughout Europe, but they are empty every Sunday

Christianity found its way to Africa through the white missionaries who went to the continent years ago. But is like Africans have embraced the Christian faith than the white themselves. 

It is very common to see Africans worshipping God in churches on Sundays while on the same Sunday you see Whites at the drinking pubs enjoying glasses of wine and beer. In Britain; some few churches had been converted to drinking pubs, yet the government is fighting hard against alcoholism, teenage pregnancy, hooliganism and crime without success.

Many simply have no time at all to think of God, let alone to attend church service on Sundays to worship the creator. Once I visited a church in a small town in Rome-Italy called "Sacrofano." The beautiful designed ancient church attracted me into it with the desire of fellowshipping with them that Sunday. 

I was shocked to see that the pastor was preaching to only two people in this big church. I joined them and the number increased to three. In Antwerp, Belgium, most of the time I see people at the church when only someone is dead. It is like the church was built to pay last respect to only the dead, not the living.

The world today is full of turmoil, war, tribal conflicts, racism, discrimination etc. All these problems are caused by man. It is the decision of man to cause pain, havoc and unrest to people and our societies but not God. 

Why then do people ignorantly ask, if there is God, why must all these problems occur? People drink and lose their mind to kill, stab, beat their wives and children yet many prefer to drink than reading the Holy Bible, a book that heals our spiritual and physical problems.

Hebrews chapter 12:26-27, predicts that "Everything that can be shaken will be shaken.....so that only those things that can not be shaken will remain." This means that our jobs, retirement, pensions, children, health etc; can be shaken at times. 

At the same time, the Bible says, "Everything shall pass but the word of God shall be there forever." This is an important message to remind man to find solace in God, by reading the Holy Bible. 

Alcohol, crime and all the evil things men commit will lead us to a place we have never dreamt of going. Hell and Jail.